Coronavirus, today’s bulletin. Data and table of July 13 in real time


Rome, 13 July 2020 – New bulletin on the trend of Coronavirus in Italia. In the aftermath of the increase in the number of infections, today they are registered 169 new cases e 13 dead. Meanwhile, as the government reflects on the opportunity to extend the state of emergency for the fight against Covid until 31 October, more and more alarming data is coming from the rest of the world. Mexico has passed l’Italy by number of deaths, with 35,006 victims from Covid19, and WHO reveals another record on the contagion front: almost 230 thousand in the last 24 hours (60 thousand only in the US).

Covid, the budget today, 13 July

According to data from Ministry of Health, today 169 new cases e 13 dead.


“Today we record a data of 24 almost. Of the new cases the 92% are those imported (22). Of these 20 have a link with return flights from Bangladesh already attentive. A case of return from the Philippines and one from Brazil “. Thus the regional councilor for Health of Lazio Alessio D’Amato.” The contact-tracing aldrive-in activity of Santa Caterina delle Rose (Asl Roma 2) for the community of the Bangladesh, which is providing a large-scale collaboration. The situation of the Bengali community at the moment is under control and there is no cause for alarm, “he added. Among the new cases of the last 24 hours, it is registered in the Asl of Latina a 9 year old girl “with links to the Formia family unit”.


I’m you are the new cases Covid found in Veneto in the last 24 hours, which brings the total from the beginning of the pandemic to 19,401. There are currently 412 positive patients (+4). No new victims compared to yesterday. The situation is “stable, under control. We are worried about the strains of the viruses brought from outsidefrom foreign countries, “said the president of Veneto, Luca Zaia, explaining that the latest outbreaks in the region they are citizens who came from abroad. “For this – he specifies – the control has been intensified”. Among the countries mentioned, Benin, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova. Congo. “The WHO – notes Zaia – indicates which countries are having problems, we have been saying this for some time”. One fact, which is not irrelevant, he adds, is “thelowering of the average age: in fact there is the case of a 23 year old mother from Cameroon with a 6 year old boy, two 4 year old twins and their mother, all infected. “Zaia also highlighted that the Serbian virus: “In the four swabs carried out it emerged that the viral load was very high, the viruses are identical to each other and belong to the cluster of viruses isolated in Serbia, very different from those hitherto isolated in Veneto and Italy. And to date it is not possible associate specific mutations with the different pathogenicity of the virus, because so far there are no studies – he concluded – that relate clinical forms to mutations in the virus “.

The other regions

In Tuscany today 4 new cases have been recorded, while for the Marches it has been another day without contagions and the same for Umbria. In Abruzzo a death for Covid, but no new cases. In Piedmont a new death from Coronavirus and 6 cases in the past 24 hours. Three positives also in Valle d’Aosta.

The numbers of the Regions

(Pdf tables shortly)

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