Coronavirus today, last minute live | France decides this Friday if it closes its border with Spain


This Friday, some areas of Spain are waking up between restrictive measures to prevent further increases in coronavirus infections. Meanwhile, France is studying whether to close its borders

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  • Contagions.

    The Covid-19 regrowth map in Spain

This Friday, some areas of Spain wake up between restrictive measures to prevent further contagion from coronavirus after the data recorded yesterday. The new cases went up one more day: 971 in 24 hours. And Health already recognizes that Spain could be suffering a second wave of infections from Covid-19. Meanwhile, France is studying whether to close its borders.

Coronavirus data in Spain

    * Source: Ministry of Health

    Total figures: 270,166 cases of coronavirus diagnosed by PCR; 28,429 dead with positive test as of July 22

  • 73,767 in Madrid (8,450 dead)
  • 71,814 in Catalonia (5,680 dead)
  • 19,987 in Castilla y León (2,796 dead)
  • 18,527 in Castilla la Mancha (3,033 dead)
  • 14,958 in Basque Country (1,563 dead)
  • 14,214 in Andalusia (1,435 dead)
  • 12,325 in Valencian Community (1,433 dead)
  • 9,554 in Galicia (619 dead)
  • 9,467 in Aragon (915 dead)
  • 6,153 in Navarra (529 dead)
  • 4,165 in The Rioja (366 dead)
  • 3,298 in Estremadura (519 dead)
  • 2,452 in Asturias (334 dead)
  • 2,570 in Canary Islands (162 dead)
  • 2,410 in Cantabria (217 dead)
  • 2,331 in Baleares (224 dead)
  • 1,881 in Murcia (148 dead)
  • 164 in Ceuta (4 dead)
  • 129 in Melilla (2 dead)

8.50. Bill Gates criticizes conspiracy theories that accuse him of causing the coronavirus pandemic

Bill Gates criticized on Thursday the conspiracy theories that accuse him on social networks of having caused the pandemic of coronavirus. “It is a bad combination of pandemic, social media and people looking for simple explanations,” she said in an interview for CNN. Fake press articles and gimmicky photos of Gates have gone viral on social media and have been shared in numerous languages. A video accusing the Microsoft founder of wanting to “eliminate 15% of the population” by taking advantage of vaccines has been viewed millions of times on YouTube.

“Our foundation has given more money than any other group to buy vaccines to save lives,” said Gates, who said he hoped those theories would not lead people to reject the coronavirus vaccine when it was ready.

8.37. The mayor of Totana: “the situation could be extended to 14 days”

Juan José Cánovas, mayor of the Murcian town of Totana, he pointed out this morning in an interview in the Chain Ser that although the retreat to phase 1 is expected to last a week “the situation could be extended to 14 days”.

Cánovas has indicated that he knew that measures were going to be taken due to the increase in coronavirus infections but that he thought that they would not go through phase reversal. Likewise, he indicated that he understands that “it has been a hack for the businessmen.”

8.20. Almost everyone in Madrid wears the mask … but many do it wrong

The Community of Madrid has ruled out making the mask mandatory at all times due to its high use, although many make incorrect use of it, as we have detected.

Despite the fact that most people consider that their use should be expanded as a precaution, there are those who do not find it necessary. “If there is nobody on the street and you walk alone, why should you wear a mask? This doesn’t make much sense, “says Juan.

8.05. Pedro Sánchez today heads the Covid-19 Monitoring Committee

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, will lead this Friday the meeting of the Covid-19 Monitoring Committee at the Moncloa Complex, which is scheduled to start at 11 a.m. The meeting will also be attended by the Minister of Salvador Illa, whose department reported yesterday, Thursday, that 971 people were infected by coronavirus in 24 hours, 241 more than those registered the previous day. Almost half of the cases (415) occurred in Aragon.

7.55. Some areas of Spain return to phase 1 and 2

Yesterday, the new cases of coronavirus They rose again, registering 971 in 24 hours. And Health recognized that Spain could be suffering a second wave of infections. To avoid it, this Friday, some areas of Spain wake up between restrictive measures. The Murcian town of Totana returns to phase 1 while Aragón has regressed to phase 2 without flexing the Central region (in which Zaragoza is located) and that of lower Aragon. The regions of La Litera and Cinca Medio, capital Huesca and Barbastro continue in phase 2 “relaxed” and the Mendillorri district of Pamplona also wakes up in phase 2.

7.52. France decides today whether to close its border with Spain

French President Emmanuel Macron will discuss with his Defense Council this Friday the possibility of closing borders to protect himself from the spread of the coronavirus. The measure could affect Spain if France decides to close its land border to avoid contagion from the outbreaks of Aragon and Catalonia.

7.45. ATP cancels its tournaments in China due to coronavirus

The Association of Professional Tennis Players (ATP) and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) today announced the cancellation of the seven tournaments it was scheduled to hold this year in China due to the coronavirus, including the China Open, which is taking place in Beijing, and the Shanghai Masters.

The WTA Finals, to be held in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, are also canceled. “Given the recent decision of the Chinese General Administration of Sports that China will not organize any international sports event in 2020 as a result of COVID-19, the tournaments scheduled to be held in China on their provisional calendar will not be held,” according to the two communications posted on the ATP and WTA websites.

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