Coronavirus, the US now fear the July 4th party | Contagions are growing in California: bars and restaurants close


Case records in one day In the country the pandemic does not stop: the new infections detected in a single day rise to 52,982. This was reported by Johns Hopkins University. In all the cases detected rose to 2,682,270, with 128,028 deaths.

Trump discovers the mask For months he resisted and never wore the mask in public, but now, a day after the considerations of republican lawmakers, the president of the United States has changed his mind and told Fox Business that he likes the mask, because it makes him look like to “Lone Ranger” (character of American popular culture, born from a radio program and then protagonist of a TV series, in Italian “The lonely knight”).

“I am completely in favor of the masks – added Trump – I think they are a good thing and people have seen that I was wearing it too. The change of course of the president came a day after the pronouncement of the Republican party legislators who had suggested that the commander in chief wore a mask to set a good example for the Americans.

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