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In Italy, since the beginning of the pandemic, at least 240,578 have contracted the Sars-CoV-2 virus: of these, 34,767 have died (here is the latest Civil Protection bulletin). According to the latest data processed by Johns Hopkins University, there are more than 10.3 million cases worldwide, with over 506 thousand deaths (here is the map showing the trend of contagions globally).

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8.40 pm – Biden: No more meetings, follow the doctors’ orders for the good of the country
The alleged Democratic candidate for the US presidential election in November, Joe Biden, has announced that he will no longer hold live rallies to comply with the anti-Covid-19 guidelines and avoid further spread of the coronavirus. Cbs News reported it. Following the doctors’ orders, not only for me, but for the country, said the former vice president, he will not be holding meetings.

20.01 – Airbus will cut 15 thousand jobs in the next 12 months
Airbus will cut approximately 15,000 jobs, or 11% of its global workforce, by the summer of 2021 to scale back its business in commercial aviation as a result of the Coronavirus crisis. The European aircraft manufacturer said in a statement. Airbus plans to cut around 5,100 jobs in Germany, 5,000 in France, 1,700 in the UK, 900 in Spain and 1,300 in the group’s other sites worldwide.

19.36 – Quarantine for those arriving from countries outside the Schengen area
Italy chooses the line of prudence and maintains trustee isolation and health surveillance for all citizens from non-Schengen countries. The measure also applies to citizens of the 14 countries identified by the EU in the green list, from and for whom it is possible to move freely from tomorrow. Here our study with the complete list of countries.

7.35 pm – Mondragone, red zone extended until July 7th
the red zone for the Palazzi ex Cirio area has been extended to Mondragone (Caserta). This was announced by the Regional Crisis Unit for the implementation of measures for the prevention and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19.

19.24 – Trump cancels the rally in Alabama
Trump’s campaign canceled the rally the president had scheduled for next week in Alabama due to the pandemic. The decision comes after the Republican governor of Alabama, Kay Ivey, extended the ban on any non-working rally at the end of July in which social distancing cannot be respected.

7.13 pm – Africa, Rwanda has reported 72 new cases in prisons
Rwanda reported 72 cases in prisons for the first time, which brought the total number of positive people to over 1,000, according to BBC Africa. Health officials said these cases are related to new infections found in the eastern part of the country. Last week, Rwandan authorities reintroduced a two-week blockade in parts of the capital, Kigali, after confirming dozens of infections. Almost half of the Covid-19 cases in Rwanda were detected this month. Mass tests have been conducted in the past two weeks.

18.52 – Lombardy, Gallera: data in continuous improvement
The data continues to be improving. Yesterday they were performed, 6117 swabs were performed and we have 62 positives of which 4 in the RSA, 8 from serological screening of the Region while 50 are positive that arise from you private serological. This was specified by the Regional Welfare Councilor Giulio Gallera, during a direct Facebook of Lombardia Notizie. Of these – he added – 13 are weakly positive, a rather important figure. On deaths the numbers remain extremely limited, and finally this good news that is consolidated has commented the commissioner. In addition, we are less than 300 people hospitalized for Covid in hospitals, 297 with a reduction and 24, 1 less person in intensive care and more than 800 the discharged and recovered, another significant figure, he concluded.

18.40 – The pneumonia in Alzano being investigated by the investigators
The data relating to abnormal pneumonia recorded between December and February last at the hospital in Alzano Lombardo, at the center of one of the investigations of the Bergamo Public Prosecutor’s Office on the management of the Coronavirus emergency in Val Seriana, are the subject of investigative investigation. It is learned from judicial circles. After all, the atypical pneumonia, which occurred even before February 23, when the first positive results for Covid-19 in the health service were ascertained, are already a subject of investigation.

17.54 – Great Britain, the number of deaths from Covid goes up again
The death toll from coronaviruses in the United Kingdom has risen to 155 deaths in the last 24 hours, with the recovery of part of the data collected as usual late over the weekend: the Ministry of Health indicates it today, albeit against the background of a decline of diagnosed daily infections dropped to 689, the lowest peak for months. The sum of deaths certified with a swab since the start of the pandemic now reaches 43,730 in the country (over 54,000 counting the probable cases derived from the statistical analyzes of the ONS, British Istat); while that of infections exceeds 312,000. Almost 9 and a half million, at the highest levels in Europe, the total of tests carried out in recent months.

17.51 ​​- The bulletin in Italy: +23 victims, +142 new infections
There are 142 new infected Coronaviruses today, an increase compared to yesterday when they had been 126. Of these 62 are in Lombardy, equal to 43.6%. The total number of cases thus rises to 240,578. The victims instead show an increase to 23 (4 of which in Lombardy), after 6 yesterday throughout Italy. Overall, deaths rise to 34,767, according to data from the Ministry of Health. (Here the 30 June bulletin)

17.50 – Easyjet, 700 pilots at risk in the United Kingdom
The easyJet airline is considering cutting 700 other pilot jobs and ending its operations at the British airports of Newcastle, Stansted and Southend. The British newspaper The Telegraph reports it.

5.48 pm – Wuhan announces resumption of lessons at school
The schools in Wuhan reopen. The Chinese authorities have reached a series of agreements for the return to class of the students of the first years of secondary school, starting from 10 July, in the former epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic, capital of the central province of Hubei. The summer holidays will begin on July 31st instead. The pupils of the first years of middle school will finish their respective online courses on July 5th. On August 10, teachers and students will return to school, where lessons will last until August 30. Students in early college years are not required to return to campus unless necessary. Members must apply and get approval from their respective colleges if they wish to return.

5.34 pm – Chamber approves dl on serological tests
The Chamber has approved the decree authorizing the carrying out of a mass screening through serological tests, to map the spread in Italy of the Coronavirus, and to understand how many have contracted it despite being asymptomatic. The majority groups (258s) voted in favor, against the center-right (186 no) and two abstentions. The Chamber has not changed the text fired by the Senate and the decree law.

5.33 pm – The contagions in Eastern Europe return to fear
Large areas of the Balkans, relatively spared by the first wave of the virus in the spring, are now experiencing strong growth numbers: even countries that had managed to stem the epidemic, such as Czechia. The numbers remain worrying in several countries in the region, from Ukraine to Belarus, via Moldova and Romania. But official deaths remain far lower than those recorded in the most affected Western European countries, Italy in the lead. At the top of the list of countries with the highest number of infections reported per million inhabitants in the area, the Belarus (almost 6500 cases per million inhabitants). Follows the small moldova (4028), with more total contagions in relation to the population of Italy itself (3973), followed by the North Macedonia (2933). High numbers also in Germany (2330 per million), Serbia (2017) e Austria (1980). At the top, in the ranking of countries that have recorded the most virus-related deaths per million inhabitants, the North Macedonia (137 deaths per million inhabitants), followed by moldova (132), Germany (108) e Romania (83), all very far from the figures of Italy (574 per million), Spain (606) or the United Kingdom (641). There have been 17,380 deaths in the area so far (+88), of which 8961 only in Germany.

5.28 pm – Quarantine for those arriving in New York extended to 16 states
New York doubles the number of US states whose residents will have to undergo quarantine once they arrive in the Big Apple. This was announced by Governor Andrew Cuomo. California also entered the list of states considered most at risk of contagion. The same decision was also made by the neighboring states of New Jersey and Connecticut. All travelers arriving in New York from Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Utah will have to undergo mandatory quarantine.

5.10 pm – No distancing on July 4th at an event with Trump
There will be no social distancing and the masks will be optional at the Independence Day celebratory event at Mount Rushmore, which will also be attended by President Donald Trump. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem announced this in an interview with Fox News. We have told people that they are concerned that they can stay home, but those who want to join us will receive masks if they want to wear them, Noem said, adding that however, there are no spacing measures between the participants. South Dakota has recorded 91 coronavirus deaths so far.

17.09 – Covid in Barcelona 40 days before the first cases
The Sars-Cov-2 virus may have arrived in Barcelona much earlier than the first cases detected, at least 40 days. This was stated by a study conducted on the waste water of the University of Barcelona, ​​published on a preprint site and still awaiting revision, which found a positive sample even in March 2019, although on the latter there is skepticism from part of the experts. The analysis recalls that just conducted in Italy by the Istituto Superiore di Sanitato, which backdated the arrival of the virus in Turin, Milan and Bologna.

16.58 – The African Cup postponed to 2022
The Football Confederation of Asia (Caf) has announced the postponement of the African Cup next year, due to the coronavirus. The new competition date, which was scheduled in Cameroon from 9 January to 6 February 2021, will be January 2022.

4.48 pm – Goldman Sachs: the mask would save the US GDP from a 5% collapse
The federal obligation to wear a mask would not only reduce the increase in daily coronavirus cases but would also protect the economy from a 5% GDP hit in the event that new lockdowns were necessary. Goldman Sachs’ estimate who, in a study, assessed the link between the obligation of the mask and the economic results. We have found that use associated with significantly better results, explains Jan Hatzius, Goldman’s chief economist. The mandatory template would reduce the daily growth rate of cases between 0.1% and 0.6%. The calculations imply that the mask requirement could replace lockdowns that would subtract about 5% of GDP, he adds.

16.47 – Maw: Optimists on the vaccine. I hope doses in early 2021
From next month we will move on to a new phase in vaccine testing. We are not sure of the outcome, but we are optimistic that we will soon find a vaccine. We hope to have the doses available early next year. Anthony Fauci, epidemiologist and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said in a new deposition before Congress. In the United States, coronavirus infections are 2 million 683 thousand, the deaths almost 130 thousand. Cases have increased in at least 13 states.

16.35 – Air France could cut 7,500 seats by 2022
The airline Air France could cut more than 7,500 jobs by the end of 2022. The bfmtv website reports it, referring to union sources, to which the management of Air France presented the details of the planned workforce reductions caused by the Coronavirus health crisis.

16.29 – Fda prepares guidelines on the vaccine
The U.S. Food and Medicines Agency (FDA) plans to publish guidelines for the approval of a coronavirus vaccine. The Wall Street Journal reports that according to the conditions set by the authority, the effectiveness of the vaccine is at least 50 percent higher than that of any placebo drug against Covid-19. The FDA is ready to clarify that no vaccines will be approved unless the developer has clearly demonstrated through clinical studies that the product is safe and effective. In addition, the vaccine will not be approved if it is aimed only at introducing antibodies, since it is not clear what level of antibodies is sufficient to guarantee protection for patients.

4.13 pm – The EU reopens borders for 15 non-EU countries. Outside the USA, Russia and Brazil
The European Union will reopen its external borders to 15 third countries, including China, but on condition of reciprocity, from tomorrow 1 July. The United States is off the list. This was learned in Brussels after the member countries voted for the recommendations and the list. Italy voted in favor. Today the Council adopted a recommendation on the phasing out of temporary restrictions on non-essential travel to the EU. The list includes 15 countries (here is the list). The list will be updated every two weeks

15.44 – Pope: essential media for uniting people,
to inform and make known the truth
The indispensability of the media, to keep people at the antipodes of the planet and society united and close, to keep them always informed of events, to let them know the truth beyond the official, regime or convenience versions: a to underline this essentiality of the media Pope Francis, in the message sent on the occasion of the Catholic Media Conference organized by the Catholic Press Association from today to Thursday. Bergoglio exalts the importance of the media, also in light of the experience deriving from the pandemic, which is undergoing dimostI recognize how essential the mission of the media is to keep people together, shortening distances, providing the necessary information and opening minds and hearts to the truth.

15.34 – British government considers travel ban to Leicester
The UK government is considering a travel ban on the city of Leicester, where quarantine to control a coronavirus outbreak has been reintroduced. Health Minister Hancock said that with regards to travel, we have recommended avoiding any trip to Leicester that is not essential, and we have not yet introduced legislation. But we’ll do it if we need it. The local lockdown reintroduced today in Leicester, 100 days after the start of national confinement, a temporarily necessary measure that most Brits think includes in the face of the resurgence of infections in the city, Johnson reiterated.

15.04 – Istat, 40 thousand more deaths (but already happened)
The Covid effect resulted in about 40 thousand more deaths than expected in previous years, but this is not a huge increase in mortality because in 2015 the increase in victims was 50 thousand units compared to the previous year and in ‘ 56 the increase compared to ’55 and to ’57 the increase was 50 thousand. So the president of Istat, Gian Carlo Blangiardo, in videoconference to the EU Policies Committee, as part of the joint examination of the Commission work program for 2020 – A more ambitious Union. already happened in the past, but what dramatic territorial distribution. In fact, half the increase in mortality was absorbed by 5-6 province, including Bergamo, Cremona, Turin, Aosta who have had particularly difficult situations dramatic.

15.02 – 110 suspected pneumonia in Alzano between November and January
Between November and January there were 110 suspected pneumonia at the hospital in Alzano Lombardo, which has now ended up at the center of the investigation by the Bergamo prosecutor’s office, which investigates the management of first aid during the coronavirus emergency (here the special on victims). To report it The Eco di Bergamo reporting the data made public by Ats Bergamo and Asst Bergamo Est at the request of the regional councilor of Action, Niccol Carretta. According to the data, there were 18 pneumonia in November, before moving on to 40 in December and another 52 in January. The comparison between the admissions of 2019 and those of 2018 also shows that 196 pneumonia were not recognized in 2018, 256 between January and December 2019. 30% more.

14.56 – United Airlines returns to fly to China from 8 July
United Airlines resumes flying to China. This was announced by the US airline itself, which will restore round-trip services on the route between San Francisco and Shanghai Pudong international airport starting from 8 July. Before the coronavirus epidemic forced to suspend flight services to Shanghai last February, United Airlines operated five daily flights between Shanghai and its hub cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.

2.33 pm – Germany: Mayor Berlin, soon free swabs for everyone
Even Berlin, after Bavaria, is preparing to make anti-Covid tampons accessible to everyone for free. To say the mayor of the German capital, the Social Democrat Michael Mueller. Bavaria announced last weekend that any citizen, even without symptoms, can undergo the tampon.
13.51 – India, Modi extends the food assistance program
The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, turned to the country in view of the entry into force, on Wednesday, of the new guidelines on the gradual resumption of activities after the lockdown. In the sixth speech on the epidemic addressed to the nation, he urged not to let down his guard, also taking into account the arrival of the cold season and the flu. Modi announced the extension (until November) of a food support and assistance program that provides for direct transfers of money for certain categories (women, the elderly, migrant workers) and the distribution of gas and food cylinders. From July to November, he specified, the food will be distributed to 800 million people and the extension will cost 900 billion rupees (over 10.5 billion euros). Modi said he was concerned about the growing neglect in personal and social behavior since the blockade was lifted on June 1st.

1.42 pm – Germany, new outbreak in catering company
A new, so far contained, coronavirus outbreak exploded in Germany in a Bavarian catering company: at least 44 people tested positive, according to reports from the administrators of the Stanberg district. Among the infected there are also 10 asylum seekers from the reception center in Hechendorf, where the alarm would have started. The catering company, which closed for 14 days last Saturday, also supplies the canteen of the Grosshadern university clinic in Munich.

13.33 – Milan, Covid’s last intensive therapy closes in Niguarda
Niguarda Hospital in Milan has closed the last Covid intensive care unit. The president of the Lombardy Region Fontana made it known with a post on Facebook. Free department – writes the governor -. Today we celebrate, but without lowering our guard. The last patient who was hospitalized is now better, negative to the swab and has been transferred to end the healing process

13.21 – Too many deaths for Covid, Cremona cemetery exhausted
Too many dead and the civic cemetery of Cremona no longer has niches for the deceased from Covid. Between March and April, in fact, there were over 400 deaths a month against an average of 25-30 burials. The municipal administration of Cremona had to run for cover by speeding up the procedures for extraordinary accumulations.

13.19 – In Israel 714 more infections in 24 hours:
third highest figure since the beginning of the pandemic
Contagions in Israel continue to rise. In the past 24 hours, there have been 714 positive cases, the third highest since the pandemic began, notes the Ynetnews website. There are now 7,096 active cases, of which 46 in serious conditions. There is also a new death which brings the total number of coronavirus deaths to 320.

12.51 – The Spallanzani Bulletin of Rome
97 patients are currently hospitalized at Spallanzani in Rome. Of these 46 are Sars-Cov-2 research buffer positive, 51 investigated. Four patients need intensive care. There are 492 patients discharged and transferred to home or to other territorial structures. What emerges from the Institute’s medical bulletin.

12.49 pm – Inail, in five months – 23% reports of accidents at work
207,472 accidents at work were presented to Inail by the end of May, a decrease of approximately 62 thousand cases compared to 269,431 in the first five months of 2019 (-23.0%). The decrease influenced in particular by the sustained drop in complaints recorded between March and May, 34 thousand less than in the quarter March-May 2019 (-35.6%), mainly due to the stop to production activities considered not essential for the containment of the epidemic.

12.39 pm – Decaro: Government returns ordinance powers to the mayors At our request, we have sterilized the mayor’s local health authority power. I believe that the country must acknowledge the mayors that it has done a revolutionary thing, nobody did it, it was not the government that asked the municipalities to sterilize that power, but the municipalities to ask the government for it. We have given up our power of order, today we are asking you to return it to us. This was stated by the president of the ANCI, Antonio Decaro, mayor of Bari, in a hearing at the parliamentary commission for regional issues.

12.22 pm – Johnson promises New Deal worth 5 billion
State investment of 5 billion pounds, to be allocated to infrastructure and public services with the cry of building, constructing, constructing. This is the Keynesian recipe illustrated today by Premier Johnson in a speech in Dudley, not far from Birmingham, to support the recovery of the national economy hit by the effects of the pandemic. Johnson openly cited American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal, launched in the 1930s with a massive public intervention component after the 1929 crash, as an example, and said his government wants to embrace people in times of crisis. . A serious crisis, he admitted, that can become an opportunity to build houses, improve NHS (the national health service), mend the gap of opportunities, productivity and (online) connection between the different regions of the United Kingdom.

12.05 – India’s largest center in the world: 10,200 beds
Sardar Patel Covid Center, the largest temporary hospital in the world, and the largest in Delhi, with its 10,200 beds for Covid patients, will be operational tomorrow (Wednesday, ed): after the first 2 thousand patients hospitalized yesterday, another 8,200, all asymptomatic or with moderate symptoms, will arrive in the next 24 hours. The administration of the Indian capital announced it. The structure was set up, in collaboration with the central Indian government, in record time, in less than a week, in the spaces of a Hindu religious foundation, in the Chhatarpur district, south of the city. The center divided into a thousand sections, each equipped with air conditioning, toilet, TV and protected areas, reserved for healthcare personnel.

11.58 am – Over 58 thousand deaths in Brazil
Brazil has surpassed 58,000 coronavirus deaths, according to the Ministry of Health, while the pandemic continues to strengthen in the central region of the country, the first in Latin America for the number of infections and victims. In the latest report, the authorities reported that in 24 hours there were 692 deaths, for a total of 58,314 deaths since the beginning of the emergency. There were 24,052 new daily reported infections, which brought the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 1,368,195. On Monday, the government decreed a state of disaster due to the need to strengthen resources for the health system. Goias, a state that borders the capital’s Federal District, does not rule out declaring a lockdown for 14 days (here is the map of the contagion in the world).

11.49 am – Vo ‘study on Nature: Asymptomatic over 40% infected
You earn the pages of Naturethe case of Vo ’Euganeo, a Paduan municipality that has made school in the management of the Covid-19 epidemic, becoming an open-air laboratory for the study of the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus. The study conducted among others by Andrea Cristanti, one of the fathers of the Veneto model against the emergency, indicates first of all that over 40% of Covid-19 infections are asymptomatic. Second: there are no significant differences in viral load between symptomatic and asymptomatic, suggesting the potential contagiousness even of those who contract the virus with little or no symptoms. Third: children are confirmed to be somewhat resistant to infection, even if they live next dooror to family members who have fallen ill.

11.40 am – In Britain it starts again
the clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine
The United Kingdom has decided to resume the clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine, after stopping it following a study published in the well-known scientific journal Lancet that warned against using the drug because of its risk. The document, based on incorrect data, was later withdrawn.

11.20 am – WHO, the worst is yet to come
The worst is yet to come. I’m sorry to say it but with this environment and in these conditions, we fear the worst. A divided world helps the virus spread. This was said by WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in the usual briefing on Covid-19. From the outset, we said that we should quarantine the politicization of the pandemic and remain united because the virus is fast and kills and can exploit the divisions between us. Our message does not concern any country in particular but concerns the whole world, he reiterated.

11.06 – ABI, 738 thousand applications to the Guarantee Fund for 42.8 billion
The banking world also operated on the weekend and on the day of the Patron of Rome: yesterday, 29 June, the loans requested by the banks from the Guarantee Fund increased to 42.8 billion euros, for 738 thousand applications received. what ABI writes in a note. Loans requested of up to € 30 thousand exceeded € 13 billion, for 652 thousand applications received by the Fund. These banking activities are part of the great and continuous exceptional commitment of banks and bankers (whom Abi thanks) of a social nature such as moratoriums, concludes the association’s note.

10.57 am – Israel, in 24 hours almost 800 infections
An increasingly alarming situation in Israel due to the growing spread of Covid. The number of positive cases rose today, according to data provided by the Ministry of Health, to 24,688: 781 more than the data provided by the authorities 24 hours before. The number of patients, which reached 5,000 a week ago, now 7,096. Deaths rose to 320, healings were 17,272. Yesterday, after two days of consultations, the government approved a series of restrictions to limit contacts between people as much as possible, without unduly damaging the labor market.

10.41 am – New virus with pandemic potential discovered in China
Chinese researchers have discovered a new variety of viruses with pandemic potential, similar to that of swine flu. According to the study published in the journal Pnas, the virus carried by pigs and can be transmitted to humans. Pigs are considered important hosts or mixing vessels for the generation of pandemic flu viruses. Systematic surveillance of influenza viruses in pigs essential for early warning and preparation for an upcoming potential pandemic, the researchers explained in the report.

10.19 – 6.693 new cases in Russia, 647.849 in all
There are 6,693 new cases of Covid-19 registered in Russia in the last 24 hours, which increase the total number of infections reported since the beginning of the epidemic to 647,849. The new infections remain below 7 thousand for the fifth day in a row. The data was announced by the Russian anticoronavirus operations center, according to which 154 people died from the virus in the last 24 hours officially bringing the total number of victims in Russia to 9,320. There have been 9,220 healed in the last 24 hours.

10.01 am – Dead Rsa, investigated director of the Vercelli health center
Another name was entered in the register of suspects in the investigation of the deaths, over forty, during the Coronavirus emergency in the retirement home in Piazza Mazzini, in Vercelli. This is Chiara Serpieri, general manager of the Vercelli ASL. Omission of official documents the crime hypothesized by the prosecutor Davide Pretti. According to what was anticipated on the local pages of the Press, investigators are investigating delays in activating the supervisory commission for investigations on compliance with security measures within the facility.

9.37 am – Australia, 10 districts of Melbourne in lockdown
The Australian state of Victoria has reintroduced the lockdown in 10 neighborhoods on the outskirts of Melbourne after a sudden increase in coronavirus cases. Cnn reports it. The measures will remain in effect until July 29, Prime Minister Daniel Andrews announced. In the 10 affected areas, you will only be able to go out shopping, take care of people in need, play sports, work or study if you cannot do it at home. Access to gyms, swimming pools and libraries will be limited, while cafés and restaurants will only return to take-away and delivery services.

9.26 – USA, over 100 cases related to the same bar
At least 107 cases registered in the city of East Lansing, Michigan are related to the same local. Lo hanno detto le autorit sanitarie locali secondo quanto riportato dalla Cnn. Tutti coloro che hanno frequentato l’Harper’s Restaurant & Brew Pub between tra il 12 e il 20 giugno sono stati invitati a mettersi in auto-isolamento a casa e a segnalare eventuali casi di Covid-19. The managers of the venue have ensured that they have implemented all the guidelines and the spacing measures between the tables. Abbiamo riaperto l’8 giugno al 50% della nostra capacit in linea con le raccomandazioni del governatore, scritto sulla pagine Facebook del ristorante.

Ore 09.09 – Regno Unito, a Leicester la prima quarantena locale. Alta incidenza casi Covid-19 tra i bambini
Leicester sar la prima citt del Regno Unito a dover introdurre una quarantena locale per combattere l’aumento dei casi di coronavirus. Da oggi i negozi che vendono beni non essenziali e che avevano riaperto nei giorni scorsi dovranno chiudere nuovamente, cos come quasi tutte le scuole. Le restrizioni vengono rafforzate e prolungate per le prossime due settimane nel tentativo di contenere l’aumento nel numero di casi di coronavirus, arrivati a quasi 950 in due settimane nella citt e nelle aree circostanti. Il ministro britannico alla Salute, Matt Hancock, ha dichiarato che nella cittadina vi un’insolita alta incidenza di casi di coronavirus tra i bambini: Dato che i bambini possono trasmettere la malattia anche se altamente improbabile che loro si ammalino, pensiamo che la cosa pi sicura da fare sia chiudere le scuole, ha affermato.

Ore 9 – Cinquecento test alla scuola Sant’Anna di Pisa

Circa 500 test sierologici effettuati, una positivit anticorpale del 3 per cento e nessuna infezione attiva verificata attraverso il tampone nasofaringeo. Sono incoraggianti i risultati dei test sierologici, effettuati dopo la riapertura (parziale e graduale) dello scorso 4 maggio, su allieve, allievi, personale della Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa, in collaborazione con la Fondazione Monasterio e grazie al finanziamento della Regione Toscana, che ha incluso il test sierologico nel protocollo firmato di recente con gli atenei toscani.

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