Coronavirus, the Cremona nurse responds to insults: “It was an outlet, I wanted them to help us”


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After the post, the insults: “They give me a terrorist” accuse Luca Alini, 47-year-old nurse from the Cremona hospital known for a Facebook post complaining about the return of coronavirus cases to the hospital where he works. “It was an outlet – he explains – A week earlier we had freed Pneumology from the last patient. Seven days later we hospitalized two of them, shortly afterwards the patients became ten in the whole hospital “. And from there the reaction, immediate, for what was going on. An outburst that arose as an instinctive, “jet” reaction to what they were experiencing, explains Alini, for fear of “living the same situation another time”.

A gesture, therefore, born from the need for a message to be transmitted, as explained by the nurse himself, so that “people would help us by respecting rules and distancing”. This is because, he clarifies in an interview withHuffington Post, “Reading and listening to the statements of those who continue to claim that Covid was little more than an influenza, affecting mostly older people, perhaps already suffering from other health problems, is unbearable. It’s bullshit, I say it based on what I’ve seen and experienced. ” Yet, for many web users, Alini’s post has been read in a completely different way and the Cremonese nurse has been filled with insults: “I am not used to so much malice, to insults: under the photo now they even give me del terrorist“He explains to Corriere della Sera.

In response to what Alini wrote, Rosario Canino also moved medical director of the Cremona hospital where, for 10 years, Luca Alini has been working as a nurse in the Pneumology. “We currently have nine hospitalizations in all. One is in Pulmonology, seven in Infectious Diseases. Tonight – yesterday for the reader – a patient was transferred to intensive care because respiratory failure worsened “he explains to Courier service. “In the last few days there has been a small wave of new entries, which in most cases could have a close correlation with the Viadana outbreak,” explains the manager. No alarmism, therefore, yet, continues Canino, “too many people have already taken off their masks or continue to keep them on their necks. It is essential to keep attention high. “

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