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ROME. In Rome the nightlife of the weekend does not stop. Nor does it slow down while in Lazio the index of contagion from coronavirus rises (yesterday the RT value was 1.13) and the threshold of attention increases. Especially in the “attentive” places in turn, real urban containers of post-emergency gatherings that show no sign of diminishing. Tonight the area around La Sapienza University, between Piazza Bologna, Piazza Istria and Viale Ippocrate, was controlled by the carabinieri. Meeting of young Romans and off-site students before the pandemic, it was again stormed even after the lockdown. And the crowds in front of the clubs have returned, the night cackles, the protests of the residents. The same people who have long launched Sos with repeated reports of the situation in their neighborhood. Among the many videos that had made the rounds of the web in which naked boys were seen dancing on the garbage bags. Luckily there were no scenes of this kind tonight, but the gatherings were not lacking, both inside and outside the premises. It was enough to take a tour of the streets around the first university of the Eternal City to confirm the almost total absence of social distancing.

Bars closed for non-compliance with anti-Covid standards

For this reason, the agents of the Roma Parioli company, in the reinforced control action after the increase in the contagion index in the capital, in Piazza Bologna closed two bars for failure to comply with the rules to deal with the spread of the virus. One of the clubs was fined because takeaway alcohol was sold inside. And the manager didn’t care about the crowd of guys standing outside the entrance drinking without any distance from each other, which he had already been sanctioned for last week. For his bar shutters lowered for five days. Stop only for one day instead for the other place because it was the first time that contravened the anti-crowding rules. Other closures for a business in piazza Istria and for another in viale Lorenzo Il Magnifico.

In all, 19 violations of the anti-Covid rules for the consumption of alcohol on the street and 11 deferred for gatherings inside the premises were disputed. And the green area in the center of Piazza Bologna, overrun with kids in full “Friday night fever”, has been cleared.

Squares closed against gatherings

Evictions of this type had also occurred in late June. When, following more than 4,000 checks by the police, other busy squares had been closed on weekends, in various points of the city. For example, Largo degli Osci, in San Lorenzo, another hot area of ​​the post-pandemic Capitoline nightlife. And Piazza Trilussa, in Trastevere, among the symbolic places of the limitless events of young Romans. To be forbidden by the traffic police, for excess of presences, the staircase of the fountain called dei Cento Preti, from the name of the building opposite the Lungotevere dei Vallati.

Those who came from Ponte Sisto hardly saw it anymore, with the steps literally vanished, because they were entirely covered by a carpet of young voices, and very close to each other. Hence the decision to cordon it off with one of those orange nets that delimit holes and surroundings. It was useful to the goal, that is to remove the “invaders” and restore calm, and has remained ever since. So in Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere where the fountain was surrounded by the yellow ribbon to avoid unwanted and unwelcome crowds. A few days ago a resident, exasperated by fights and shouts in Via di San Francesco a Ripa, had thrown a vase out of the window into the street, luckily without consequences. Last night the whole area was armored for the presence of numerous police and carabinieri patrols.

The measures for the summer

As for spot closings, these are temporary interventions that last the time necessary to empty the overflowing squares. They will repeat throughout the summer based on the flows of people. «As long as it is necessary» had assured the ex Roman commander Antonio Di Maggio before passing the baton to his successor Stefano Napoli who confirmed the measure for all the warm places of the Roman nights, from Monti to Pigneto up to Ponte Milvio, where the young people of northern Rome gather for the inevitable aperitif. Campo de ‘Fiori is also under control, in the heart of the historic center, where the wild and harassing nightlife has returned. «Undisturbed» adds Maria Paola, a graphic designer who lives in the area, in via dei Cappellari, and asks for more controls in addition to the stop to sell alcohol starting at 20.30. “Until now the police have armored the statue of Giordano Bruno surrounded by a crowd of screaming kids for a few minutes,” he said. And a few days ago the anti-drug dogs of the police dog departments arrived for a “joke”. But that’s not enough. The gatherings continue, even more than before. The coronavirus didn’t stop them, on the contrary. With the restart, everything seems to be allowed. And the risk of infection is no longer thought of ».

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