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It is a month since Espaa will enter the call ‘new normal’ behind the coronavirus and with freedom of movement, infections have increased and the virus has begun to circulate with greater speed, even with community transmission in Catalonia. A total of 18,564 people have been infected with coronaviruses since the end of the state of alarm: in the first month without confinement, weekly infections have risen almost 400% and the autonomous communities try to slow down the advance of the virus with different formulas when they are in use. Spain 201 active outbreaks.

Coronavirus data in Spain

    * Source: Ministry of Health Total figures: 264,836 cases of coronavirus diagnosed by PCR; 28,422 dead with positive test until July 16

  • 73,296 in Madrid (8,447 dead)
  • 69,393 in Catalonia (5,678 dead)
  • 19,906 in Castilla y Len (2,794 dead)
  • 18,480 in Castilla la Mancha (3,033 dead)
  • 14,539 in Basque Country (1,563 dead)
  • 13,964 in Andalusian (1,435 dead)
  • 12,103 in the Valencian Community (1,433 dead)
  • 9,510 in Galicia (619 dead)
  • 8,530 in Aragn (915 dead)
  • 5,879 in Navarra (529 dead)
  • 4,122 in The Rioja (366 dead)
  • 3,266 in Estremadura (519 dead)
  • 2,445 in Asturias (334 dead)
  • 2,551 in Canary Islands (162 dead)
  • 2,403 in Cantabria (216 dead)
  • 2,316 in Baleares (224 dead)
  • 1,840 in Murcia (148 dead)
  • 164 in Ceuta (4 dead)
  • 129 in Melilla (2 dead)

09.00. The Rayo Vallecano squad pass a PCR test and remain in isolation

The Rayo Vallecano squad will undergo a PCR test on Tuesday and remain in isolation until the results are known after learning that the Franco-Moroccan striker Yacine Qasmi was having dinner a few days ago with a Fuenlabrada player, according to the club’s statement. . The Deportivo-Fuenlabrada of the last day of the SmartBank League was postponed to a date yet to be determined after several players from the Madrid team tested positive in the coronavirus prior to the crash.

08.58. The Murcian government asks customers of a Totana pub to undergo PCR tests

The Murcian Health Counselor has appealed to all customers who were in a Totana pub on July 10 and 11 to undergo PCR tests to determine if they have been infected by coronavirus because of one of the outbreaks spread in entertainment venues. In a statement, the regional health department has detailed that, if they have symptoms or are not compatible with the coronavirus, these people should go to Covid point to be installed in the Totana Sur health center this Tuesday and Wednesday morning, between 9:00 and 20:00. The clients of the totanero pub must carry their documentation, keep the safety distances and wear a mandatory mask to carry out the PCR tests and receive instructions from the health personnel.

08.26. UK confirms almost 600 new cases of coronavirus and exceeds 295,000 positives

British health authorities have reported on Monday that they have confirmed almost 600 new cases of coronavirus in the country, so the United Kingdom already has more than 295,000 infections. Specifically, the balance shows that 580 new cases of the Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, which has raised the global count to 295,372 cases. Likewise, the 11 new deaths add up to 45,312 fatal victims due to the disease in the country.

08.24. France warns that circulation of coronavirus in the country “is increasing”

The French Ministry of Health has warned this Monday that the circulation of the coronavirus in the country “is increasing”, while specifying that, currently, there are 207 outbreaks of coronavirus assets. “The circulation of the virus is increasing in the national territory,” the French Ministry of Health has indicated in a statement justifying that 539 outbreaks have been identified since May 9, nine new ones in the last 24 hours. Of these, 332 are already “closed,” according to the portfolio.

“This translates into an increase in the number of visits to emergency physicians, visits to health centers, an increase in groups and hospitalizations,” he noted. “This moderate increase is part of the context in which a very insufficient proportion of patients with symptoms undergo a virological test and are isolated,” he added.

08.23. Results of the trial of one of the Russian vaccines against coronavirus show that it generates immunity

All volunteers vaccinated against coronavirus in the clinical trial carried out in the Schenov University of Moscow have obtained immunity to the disease, as reported by the director of the Center of Clinical Studies of New Drugs of the institution, Elena Smoliarchuk. “All the volunteers had immunity (…) It is an individual reaction to the vaccine, but (the process) takes several days” to manifest itself, Smoliarchuk has indicated, specifying that immunity will reach its maximum within three weeks, transferred the Russian news agency Sputnik.

In this context, he has pointed out that, at the moment, it is “difficult” to estimate exactly how long immunity can be maintained after vaccination and added that scientists plan to obtain the answer to this question after the next phase of trials.

08.05. 400% more weekly infections one month after the alarm state

A total of 18,564 people have been infected with coronavirus since the end of the state of alarm: in the first month without confinement, weekly infections have risen almost 400% and the autonomous communities are trying to slow down the advance of the virus with different formulas when there are 201 active outbreaks in Spain.

Since June 21, 99 people have died from coronavirus, 1,154 have required hospitalization and 93 have had to be admitted to intensive care units. In this first month of “new normality” in which the freedom of movement of citizens has been allowed, infections have increased and the virus has begun to circulate with greater speed, including community transmission in Catalonia.

07.58. Austria satisfied with “very strict control” of the use of funds

The Austrian Federal Chancellor, the Conservative Sebastian Kurz, expressed satisfaction with the agreement on the EU fund for the recovery of the pandemic of the coronavirus and welcomed the fact that “very strict control” has been established of the use of financial aid. “Now I am a little tired, but very satisfied with the content,” Kurz said in the early hours of this Tuesday in Brussels, after concluding the summit of the leaders of the European Union that opened last Friday. Kurz was particularly pleased with “important points” which he attributed to the “frugal” group (Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark), such as, among others, a considerable reduction in direct aid to the countries most affected by the Covid-19.

06.41. Merkel, on the historic EU agreement: “It was not easy, but in the end we found ourselves”

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has admitted the difficulties that arose until reaching an agreement between the leaders of the European Union (EU) for the recovery fund, to affirm that this is the response “of the united Europe” to a situation that required “extraordinary responses”. “It was not easy, but in the end we found ourselves,” said the chancellor, to highlight below that “multilateralism is under great pressure at the moment” and that “Europe has demonstrated in this situation that it is capable of acting.”

06.39. Japan adds 17 passes to the list of nations it recommends not to travel to

The Government of Japan has included 17 more countries, including Venezuela and Paraguay, in the list of nations that recommends not to travel due to the pandemic of coronavirus, and with those incorporated today it rises to 146 nations or territories. The measure adopted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with immediate effect usually precedes an order from the Ministry of Justice that imposes a ban on entry to Japan of people from the nations that are included in that black list. At a press conference, Toshimitsu Motegi said today that in addition to Paraguay, Venezuela and Suriname, in Latin America, there are 14 more nations in Africa and Asia that are at risk level 3, which implies that the Japanese authorities recommend canceling any journey to those nations.

06.33. Spain has 140,000 million from the European recovery fund, 72,700 in direct aid

Spain will receive some 140,000 million euros from the European recovery fund, of which 72,700 million will be given in direct aid, as announced by the Prime Minister, Pedro Snchez, when evaluating the agreement reached by the Council on said fund and the multiannual financial framework. “It is a great agreement for Europe and for Spain; there is no doubt that one of the brightest pages in the history of the EU has been written today,” Snchez said at a press conference in Brussels shortly after the consensus.

06.29. British scientists discover new aftermath of coronavirus

British scientists analyzing data from a symptom tracking application of the coronavirus They have discovered that there are six different types of the disease, each of which is distinguished by a group of symptoms. A team from King’s College London found that all six types also correlate with levels of severity of infection and the likelihood that a patient will need help breathing, such as oxygen or ventilator treatment, if they are hospitalized.

In addition to cough, fever, and loss of smell, often highlighted as three key symptoms of Covid-19, the application data showed others, including headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, diarrhea, confusion, loss of appetite and shortness of breath Some had mild flu-like symptoms or a rash, and others had acute symptoms or died.

06.19. EU leaders close historic deal

At 05:30 this morning and after more than 90 consecutive hours of meetings, hundreds of bilateral meetings and a good number of troubles, the heads of state and government of the 27 have reached an essential agreement to close the Union Budget until 2027 and the Recovery Fund after the pandemic. An unprecedented step, an infinite mechanism of up to 750,000 million euros to help the most affected countries, including up to 390,000 million euros in direct transfers, informs Pablo R. Suanzes.

06.17. China adds 11 new infections of coronavirus, three of them “imported”

The Chinese National Health Commission has reported 11 new cases of coronavirus detected on Monday, three of them from abroad and 8 locally, all in the northwestern Chinese region of Xinjiang. Xinjiang detected a flare-up of the virus last week, with a positive recorded on Thursday, 16 on Friday, 13 on Saturday and 17 on Sunday, according to official data. Consequently, the provincial capital, Urumqi, has put in place containment measures, suspension of transport and is carrying out a massive analysis campaign to contain the outbreak.

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