Coronavirus, positive 28 migrants landed in Roccella Jonica. Protests in Amantea. Jole Santelli: “Government to intervene or ban landings” – La Stampa


ROCCELLA JONICA (REGGIO CALABRIA). 28 migrants, among the 70 who landed in the port of Roccella Jonica, tested positive for the coronavirus following the first nasopharyngeal test performed in the past few hours in Reggio Calabria. Among these there are 48 young adults who have been transferred today between Bova and Amantea where there are two facilities equipped for further investigations and quarantine. Other twenty migrants, all minors, are housed in a structure made available to the municipality of Roccella Ionica, manned by the police. Among the minor winds there are five positive results.

The news of the test results has created apprehension in the Ionian town where this landing is the second in ten days. Meanwhile, the mayor of Roccella Jonica reassures his citizens: “Situation managed at best, a duty to welcome these people.” Roccella is home to 20 migrants, unaccompanied minors, …

Published by Vittorio Zito on Saturday 11 July 2020

But the governor of Calabria Jole Santelli rebels: «The 28 positive migrants to Covid-19
arrived yesterday in Roccella Jonica confirm the enormous risks associated with the landings of people arriving from countries where the epidemic is still out of control. We were easy prophets when we warned the government of the dangers of uncontrolled immigration. Unfortunately, however, we have not listened and now we all have to face the consequences of these non-choices ». And he wrote to Prime Minister Conte, giving an ultimatum to the government: “Without a quick response, I will not hesitate to act by prohibiting landings”. For the governor, the only solution is “the requisition of ships to be deployed off the coasts of the regions concerned, on which checks on immigrants will be carried out”.

Amantea, dozens blocking the arrival of 12 positive Bangladeshi migrants to Covid-19

And in Amantea some citizens take to the streets in protest. They met on the SS 18 state road in Amantea (Cosenza) to demonstrate against the arrival of 13 positive migrants to Covid 19, landed in Roccella Jonica. These are 13 Pakistani, currently asymptomatic. The Asp of Cosenza task force has promptly started the protocols and is managing the outbreak of migrants locally. They will soon be visited by the medical team and then swabbed again.

Meanwhile, traffic on the highway is blocked due to citizens’ protests. Some lay on the ground demanding security and the immediate transfer of migrants to a more suitable center.

And Matteo Salvini attacks: «There are dozens of new cases of virus-positive immigrants, Lampedusa is collapsing, there is no trace of the relocations, the famous Malta agreement has disappeared and the repatriations with Tunisia are blocked with the excuse of the Covid. This government endangers Italy. “

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