Coronavirus outbreak Bologna, Merola “Ten positive migrants are under control”


Bologna, 30 June 2020 – Crealis takes possession of line 15. The next step, at least in keeping with the irony that runs on the web, could be or San Petronio or the People Mover. “He will announce to Cardinal Zuppi that we will first complete the Basilica San Petronio and then there will be the People mover”, jokes, bitterly, the mayor Virginio Merola at the inauguration of the trolleybus on line 15 that connects for the first aimed directly San Lazzaro di Savena in the area of ​​the station and bus station in Bologna, along via Mazzini, Rizzoli and Marconi.

The line, which was due to start last spring, but whose start has been suspended due to the emergency, will be in operation from July 1st and for the whole month, then there will be an Augustan suspension in view of the recovery on August 31st. The first ‘experimental’ month will also be useful for defining times and distances.

“There are ten cases that are registered under the complete control of public health, so there is no precaution. The important thing is to demonstrate ability to intervene,” says Merola on the outbreak access to the former hub (now Cas) in via Mattei, all cases of derivation from the sick registered to the courier Bartolini because some migrants worked in the Roveri headquarters. “We are waiting for the last 30 swabs, we are currently at 10 positives. If such a minimal increase is confirmed, I believe there is the possibility of saying that the situation is also under control there. “Concept reiterated by the Councilor for Health Policies of the Region Raffaele Donini:” At the Cas in via Mattei – he explained we are not in the presence of a worrying outbreak. With Ausl we have planned a rapid and extensive contact tracing activity. Swabs were made to residents and operators: if only 2 of those performed on Sunday are positive asymptomatic, it means that the situation is under control “.

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“At first contact tracing lap – he added – 3 positive were found, then from another control another 5 were identified. Fearing a more important situation we proceeded with the screening with carpet which gave us a very good result: only 2 are positive “. According to Donini “there was no delay” in the controls at the via Mattei hub, and “whenever we can imagine an outbreak, even a small one, we will program contact racing activities”.

The situation at the moment in via Mattei, even in agreement with the other institutions, it seems to me under close observation. “ the prefect Francesca Ferrandino.


On returning to school in September “there is this novelty of the mouth-to-mouth meter. I don’t know, it seems to me a positive news”, Merola points out. “But for us now – he adds
– the preliminary work for check with the principals the necessary school capacities “.

The primaries

“There is nothing wrong with doing Pd primaries or coalition primaries. As I said, I don’t take care of it, happily assisting hoping that the bastards will increase,” is the comment on post-Merola. come? It is a good basin, I repeat, the important thing is that they go on with the strength of ideas and with a little courage “, is the suggestion to the” papabili “.

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