Coronavirus, no outbreak in Copertino: infected family followed the protocols


Cupertino – No Covid-19 outbreak. According to the Local Health Authority of Lecce, the family of the Copertino professional (father, mother and son), who returned from Brazil in recent days, has faithfully respected the protocols, spontaneously placing himself in quarantine in his home from the first day of returning home.

The professional, a 46-year-old, usually travels for work reaching different capitals even in non-EU countries. The last mission had brought him to the federated state of Sao Paulo and brought with him his cariocheic wife and minor son. According to data collected by institutional sources, the three returned to Italy with an international flight to Rome airport on 30 June. In the capital they rented a car and reached Copertino where, says ASL Lecce,
they carried out “in an exemplary manner all the indications of the Ministry of Health and the Puglia Region”, thus allowing accurate monitoring of the health conditions and contacts. Once the appropriate form was filled in and the family was handed over to the doctor, the three were placed in quarantine and, as per protocol, subjected to a swab whose result was positive.

At the moment, the clinical situation and their conditions do not require admission to a Covid center. They are followed in their home by the ASL staff and by the Special Unit of continuity care doctors (the Usca). The first quarantine period is expected to end on July 15th; a new test will follow to establish the persistence or otherwise of positivity. The family is aware that the odds of contagion would not be small in Carioca. In fact, it is known that the risk of an epidemic in Brazil is very high. The latest data speak of over 1.6 million infections and the number of victims exceeds 65 thousand confirmed deaths.

So much so that it is among the thirteen non-EU countries for which the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, has signed an order that blocks flights to Italy until 14 July. Meanwhile, it must be said that with the three cases of Copertino, the positive numbers for Covid-19 in the province of Lecce rise to 8. According to the latest report released yesterday by the Lecce Local Health Authority, the other 5 positives are distributed as follows: 2 in Lecce, 1 in Melendugno, 1 in Guagnano and 1 in Salice Salentino. The number of cases recorded since the start of the pandemic has been 525. The swabs performed, 26,414 of which 17,758 the negative ones and 525 the positive ones, 324 died.

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