Coronavirus, new record in the USA, 66,528 infections in 24 hours – World


Daily cases of coronavirus globally have largely crossed the threshold 220,000 last Friday marking a new record since the start of the pandemic: this is what emerges from the World Health Organization (WHO) website, which in just 24 hours recorded 228,186 confirmed infections worldwide on 10 July. This is the last definitive figure so far available on the organization’s website, as yesterday’s tally – of 219,983 confirmed cases – is still provisional. Last Friday the increase was 23,219 cases compared to Thursday, equal to 11.33%. In addition, 5,568 people died from coronaviruses worldwide on Friday, while yesterday’s provisional figure indicates 5,286 deaths.

New daily record of infections in the United States, the country most affected by the coronavirus: 66,528 new cases were recorded yesterday, never so many in 24 hours, according to a count by Johns Hopkins University. The total number of cases since the start of the pandemic therefore rises to 3,242,073. The death toll increased by 760, bringing the total death toll to 134,729.

It shows no sign of decreasing the daily death toll from coronavirus in Brazil, which yesterday once again crossed the one thousand mark, reaching 1,071: the country’s health authorities have announced it, according to CNN reports. The total number of deaths thus rises to 71,469, equal to the highest level in the world after the United States (134,814). In Brazil, there have been over 1,000 deaths per day due to the virus since the end of May. Meanwhile, the cases of contagion rose to 1,839,850 yesterday, 39,023 more than last Friday.


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