Coronavirus, new outbreaks in the Mantua area: 68 slaughterhouse and charcuterie workers infected


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Five companies – including sausage factories and slaughterhouses – for a total of 68 positive employees. In the last days, in the province of Mantova, several outbreaks have developed, all with similar characteristics. The latest, in chronological order, was reported to Ats Valpadana by Viadana, in the production plants of Montagnini brothers. Yesterday the Usca teams (Special Unity of Continuity of Assistance) intervened to carry out the swabs on 26 employees, after one of them had been hospitalized with high fever.

The outcome of the screening allowed to find out 5 positive, including 3 employees of a cooperative working in the sausage factory. ATS yesterday ordered the slaughterhouse to be closed and sanitation is now awaited. But that of Viadana is not the only case of contagion in a company that processes meat: carpet screening has allowed to discover outbreaks already widespread starting from the end of June, in an area near the Po, between Viadana and Dosolo. Eleven cases at the sausage factory Gardani, more than forty at the slaughterhouse Ghinzelli, you are in the sausage factory Pink and five others in the sausage factory Montagnini brothers. A hotbed too Dosolo, with the five sick people of the slaughterhouse Hammers. In total they are 68 positive workers – not all resident in the Mantovano – but for the most part they are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms. Only two were hospitalized, in non-serious conditions.

So much so that today, according to data provided by Lombardy region, the province of Mantua has surpassed that of Milan for the number of new infections: 17 (yesterday there were 13) against 16 in the Lombard capital. “The Anticovid protocols, implemented by theAts Valpadana have allowed to suffocate 6 outbreaks before they even spread – states the councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region in a note Giulio Gallera – 1500 swabs performed, 70 positive people of which 54 in the Province of Mantua“, He adds in reference to the outbreaks in the slaughterhouses.

All structures (except Montagnini) have returned to normal operation. In total, a thousand swabs were carried out on the staff and their close contacts, and dozens of people were placed in solitary confinement. The technicians of the Ats have checked the respect of the security protocols in companies and at the moment there would be no violations. The prefect of Mantua Carolina Bellantoni, after a meeting of the public order and security committee, asked the police to intensify the activity of supervision and control over insulation measures, inviting the mayors to activate the safeguards necessary to assist people in quarantine.

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