Coronavirus – New infections continue to increase, 235 in 24 hours: only 5 regions to zero. But the number of swabs dropped. The virologist Pregliasco: “Immediately turn off the outbreaks, watch out for imported positives”


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Only five regions without cases, Marche Sardinia, Val d’Aosta, Molise and Basilicata, and the new infections that for the sixth consecutive day return to rise: 235 registered in 24 hoursyesterday were 223. These are the last numbers Ministry of Health bulletin. In the spotlight now there are no longer only Lombardy, which today accounts for 40.4% of new cases, and Veneto, where the increase in the Rt index and the new outbreak of Vicenza are worrying, but also the clusters of Emilia-Romagna , and Tuscany. In particular, the latter, where intra-family outbreaks pushed the governor Enrico Rossi to issue a new ordinance. Despite the new increase, i swabs in one day they were “Only” 51011 against more than 77 thousand on Friday. A situation that “worries a little”, according to virgologist Fabrizio Pregliasco. For this reason it is essential to “intercept and extinguish the outbreaks immediately”, while keeping the focus “on cases imported from abroad”, such as those in Tuscany, although, he reassures “this is not a second wave”. The Minister of Health of the same idea, Roberto Speranza, which, underlining what was done in Mondragone, recalls the importance of “being fast, incisive, determined to be able to bring the outbreaks back to normal in the shortest possible time”. Stressing, referring to the case of the entrepreneur from Vicenza, that “already today if a positive person does not comply with the rules, punishable by up to 18 months in prison“.

The data – The total number of cases, considering both the dead and the healed, with today’s 235 new infections, it rises to 241,419 positive people since the beginning of the epidemic. The deceased also increased, 21 according to the latest bulletin from the Ministry of Health, against 15 yesterday. A number that since the beginning of the epidemic brings the total number of coronavirus victims to 34854. Of the new deaths 16 come from Lombardy (yesterday there were only 4), 2 from Piedmont, 2 from Tuscany, 1 from Lazio. After yesterday’s peak (the lowest since March 13), the number of people is still falling current positives: are 14621, yesterday were 14.884, for the first time under 15 thousand. Furthermore, the number of hospitalizations remains below one thousand, they are 940, with two regions, Molise and Basilicata, at an inpatient zero quota. The number of ICU patients is also decreasing, 71 compared to 79 yesterday. The revives of 13 regions are empty.

The opinion of virologists – If on the one hand the situation of the Lombardy region, with the drop in new positives – 95 against 115 yesterday – is improving. Other regions in Italy are under close observation. First of all, the Veneto region, with an Rt that jumped to 1.63 in the last week of June, from 0.43 at the start. Just in the region led by Luca Zaia, a small outbreak broke out in a company in Vicenza. Emilia-Romagna, which now has 51 new cases and Lazio, where the Rt index of the infection returns to above 1, is also worrying. And then, again, Tuscany, precisely, with the three family clusters due to overcrowded houses. A situation which for virologists is to be considered “of great attention, not of danger“. The new outbreaks, according to the experts, “are small, contained, and above all they are imported cases”. Even if, as Pregliasco points out, “we need to isolate the new clusters immediately”. “The data are clear, the pandemic is waning, intensive care is emptying. If new outbreaks start, the cause is to be found in the difficulty of people to assess the risk, in the relaxation of the inhibitory brakes after months of fear “, says the past president of the European Society of Virology and professor emeritus in Padua Giorgio Palù, referring to the carers who returned to Veneto from Bosnia and tested positive, as well as the striking case of the Vicenza businessman who returned from a business trip to Serbia. Among the examples of Pregliasco, also that of the masks on the beach: “I think nobody wants the fashion of sunbathing with a white strip on the face, under the umbrella you can be without a mask but the intemperance must not be there, as in the case of the Venetian entrepreneur “.

On the issue of outbreaks, in particular taking inspiration from the case of the former Cirio buildings in Mondragone, the Hope that after underlining the importance of speed to quickly isolate clusters, he recalled “the virus was not defeated”. “There is still and we must keep an attitude of utmost caution – he said on the sidelines of a visit to Casal di Principe (Caserta) where he attended the award ceremony dedicated to the memory of Don Peppe Diana, killed by the Casalesi – The point is that the outbreaks are there and will continue to exist, and you have to keep the attitude high with maximum energy. ” On the sometimes conflicting opinions of scientists, then, the minister added: “I believe that scientists from our country and from the international community say that attention must continue to be paid high. You will not find a scientist who says that you should not use masks, that you should not wash your hands and that you should not respect the distance of one meter. Then it is clear that there is a legitimate debate, but they all agree on these three essential rules. ” Finally

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