Coronavirus, new diagnostic kit from Bari to intercept asymptomatics


BARI – A new diagnostic kit to detect Covid-19 even in asymptomatic patients. A team of researchers and doctors from the University of Bari patented it, coordinated by Professor Francesco Inchingolo of the interdisciplinary department of Medicine directed by Professor Carlo Sabbà. The kit was designed in collaboration with the Pham Chau Trinh University of Medicine in Vietnam.
«The new biotechnology – explains the team from the University of Bari – as an alternative to the methods currently on the market will also be used to definitively diagnose asymptomatics. The realization of this kit, which will guarantee the almost elimination of false positives and a greater speed of the result, also took place with the collaboration between the University of Bari and foreign academic and research institutes. The diagnostic kit allows to detect in a few hours the positivity to the 4 Coronaviridae recognized as highly infectious for humans. This allows early intervention with control measures to prevent the transmission of the virus to other individuals, “explains Dr. Andrea Ballini of the Department of Biosciences, Biotechnology and Biopharmaceuticals.
“The current pandemic scenario – still say by the University – with over 12,498,722 infections in 188 countries and 560,215 deaths, requires diagnostic tests to be able to proceed with the necessary decision-making process. A diagnostic test that gives diagnostic certainty as it is very sensitive ». The test can be performed on sputum or blood samples.

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