Coronavirus Lombardia, infections drop but deaths rise: 95 new cases, 16 deaths


Milan, 4 July 2020 – Today they have registered in Lombardy 95 coronavirus cases, of which 32 following serological tests and 21 ‘weakly positive’, e 16 dead. Yesterday there had been 115 new infections and 4 deaths. In total, 16,691 people have died since the beginning of the epidemic. THE swabs 10.160 were carried out (overall total 1.074.333), while i healed / discharged they are 330 (a total of 68,201, with 65,915 healed and 2,286 discharged).

Coronavirus Lombardia July 4th

“Today’s data report good news regarding the drop in hospitalizations (-10), with a positive ‘- 5’ relative to intensive care. Good news also for what concerns the recovered / discharged voice (+330 in total ) confirming how the battle against the virus is producing the desired results, “he commented Giulio Gallera, regional welfare councilor. Yesterday, compared to 9,758 swabs, there were 115 positive cases and 4 deaths. In Lombardy, Covid-19 patients also drop in intensive care and i admitted: today the former fell by 5 units, to 36 in total, while the latter by 10 units for a total of 231. Yesterday intensive care and hospitalizations remained stopped at 41 and 241 respectively.

Contagions in Milanese drop to 19, of which 3 in the city, compared to 24 yesterday, of which 12 in Milan. It remains Bergamo the province with the most new cases, 31 in the last 24 hours (yesterday +22). Pavia it is the only province with zero infections (yesterday there were 11), for the rest of the situation there are only minimal variations. There are 13 cases in Brescia (yesterday +15), 3 y Como (2), 2 a Cremona (10), 4 th Monza Brianza (like yesterday), 2 a Sondrio (3), 3 y Mantova (like yesterday), 4 a Lodi (like yesterday).

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