Coronavirus, latest news: USA, new cases and deaths: lockdown returns to Atlanta


There are 276 new infections from Coronavirus in Italy and 12 new deaths recorded since the last bulletin. The numbers are communicated by the Ministry of Health, which has replaced the Civil Protection in making known the daily update on new cases. Here is the situation region by region:

Lombardy: 94,905

Piedmont: 31,485

Emilia Romagna: 28,822

Veneto: 19,369

Tuscany: 10,316

Liguria: 10.025

Lazio: 8.275

Market: 6.799


Campania: 4.762

Puglia: 4,540

Friuli VG: 3.333

Abruzzo: 3.321

Sicily: 3,098

Bolzano: 2.658

Umbria: 1.448

Sardinia: 1,372

Aosta Valley: 1,196

Calabria: 1.186

Molise: 445

Basilicata: 405

There are 13 countries from which you can no longer get to Italy due to the risk of new cases of Coronavirus. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that, in all likelihood, the state of emergency will be prolonged beyond 31 July, and could be extended until the end of 2020. After the outbreak that broke out at the Bartolini hospital in Bologna, 31 new cases were registered at the TNT plant in the Emilia capital. Contact sports like five-a-side football have started again in Lombardy since yesterday, albeit with strict rules to follow. Deputy Minister of Health Pierpaolo Sileri invited citizens to download the Immuni app on Facebook: “If there is something good that we can do thanks to digital technology against Covid, it is to use Immuni”. No new cases in the Mondragone outbreak are on the third consecutive day when there are no new infections. In Serino, province of Avellino (Campania), a whole family of 4 people was found positive.

There are over 12 million contagions from Coronavirus in the world. New case record in the US: 65,000 in a single day according to data recorded by John Hopkins University. Contagions are also increasing in Mexico, with over 7000 cases registered in 24 hours. After the positivity of the President of Brazil Bolsonaro at Covid-19, the interim President of Bolivia Jeanine Anez also announced that she was positive. Contagions are increasing in Hong Kong, where school closings have been brought forward. Meanwhile, there is alarm in Kazakhstan for “unknown pneumonia” which has caused 1700 victims this year and could potentially be more deadly than the Coronavirus.

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