Coronavirus, latest news: infections (234) and victims (9) date back. In Emilia-Romagna 71 new cases



The data updated to 12 July

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The data updated to 12 July

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There are 243,061 coronavirus cases registered in Italy on 12 July: an increase of 234 cases compared to 11 July. Deaths rose by 9 to 34,954, compared to 34,945 yesterday. The discharged / healed stood at 194,928 units, up 349 units (+ 0.18%) compared to the previous day. The most affected regions are confirmed as Lombardy (+77 infections) and Emilia-Romagna (+71), followed by Calabria (+20) and Veneto (+16). There are 68 positives for Covid in intensive care in Italy, one more than yesterday, the second consecutive day of slight increase, while growing by two units in Lombardy, from 29 to 31. Fourteen regions have no intensive care patients. Inpatients with symptoms are 776 (-50), those in home isolation are 12,335 (-175). Covid positive 13,179 (-124) overall. The healed are 194,928 (+349).

In Piedmont zero deaths and four new positives. In Italy 18 regions without victims
Zero deaths, four new positive cases, two of which are asymptomatic. These are some of the data released by the Piedmont Region in the Coronavirus situation bulletin. The total number of patients recovered is 25,477 (+29 compared to yesterday). The total number of deaths has stopped at 4,111. The people who tested positive in Piedmont since the beginning of the epidemic are 31,498. The number (nine) of patients admitted to intensive care remains unchanged. In the last 24 hours, 18 Italian regions have not registered new coronavirus deaths. Exceptions are Lombardy with 8 victims and Abruzzo with one, according to data released by the Ministry of Health.



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There were 242,827 coronavirus cases registered in Italy on 11 July 2020: +188 compared to 10 July, while deaths increased by 7 units and reached 34,945 (they were 34,938 yesterday). 9,931 new swabs were processed, bringing the total to 5,900,552. Of the newly infected 67, they are in Lombardy (35.6%) and 47 in Emilia Romagna. The regions without new cases are Umbria, Sardinia, Valle d’Aosta and Molise. 45,931 swabs were made, down from yesterday (47,953). These are the data of the Ministry of Health.

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