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The total cases of coronavirus in Italy reach 241,611, an increase of 192 units (+ 0.08%). The victims registered in one day are 7 (+ 0.02%), while the sick are returning to rise: the currently positive are 14,642, with an increase of 0.14%

Coronavirus, Count: don’t let your guard down but don’t be afraid

The total cases of coronavirus in Italy reach 241,611, an increase of 192 units (+ 0.08%). The victims registered in one day are 7 (+ 0.02%), while the sick are returning to rise: the currently positive are 14,642, with an increase of 0.14%

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There are 241,611 total cases of coronaviruses in Italy at 5 pm on Sunday 5 July, an increase of 192 units compared to the previous day (+ 0.08%). In the last 24 hours there have been 7 deaths (+ 0.02%, 6 in Lombardy and 1 in Emilia Romagna) which bring the total, since the start of the pandemic, to 34,861. Healings, on the other hand, were 192,108 in total, with an increase of 0.09% per cent. At the moment, in Italy, there are 14,642 patients, 21 more than yesterday, + 0.14% compared to Saturday. There are 945 hospitalized with symptoms, of which 74 in intensive care, 3 more than the previous day. This is the picture that emerges from the data of the daily report of the Ministry of Health, processed on the basis of 37,462 swabs carried out. On the previous day, however, the swabs had been 51,011, while Friday there were 77,096 and Thursday 2 53,243.
The new cases of contagion are slightly lower today than the 235 of yesterday, but the ratio with the swabs carried out in the last 24 hours is today equal to 0.51% while yesterday 4 July was equal to 0.46 percent.

In Lombardy, the region most affected by the infection, on the basis of 8,772 swabs performed (yesterday were 10,160), 65,997 healed, 2,277 discharged, for a total of 68,274 (+73). The number of ICU patients was stable (36), while non-ICU patients fell by one unit (-1). The deaths are at 16,697, an increase of 6 units. The new positives are 98 of which 20 are weakly positive and 43 following serological tests. The total number of infected people thus reaches 94,416.


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Outbreaks in the Mantua area between slaughterhouses and delicatessens

Covid outbreaks have occurred in the last few days in an area of ​​the Mantovano. The last concerned a sausage factory in Viadana and so at the moment there are five production activities in which the contagion has developed (also considering one in nearby Dosolo), between slaughterhouses and delicatessens, which have a total of 68 positive employees. The latest ATS Valpadana report comes from the Fratelli Montagnini sausage factory in Viadana, where yesterday the Usca teams (Special Continuity Assistance Units) intervened to swab 26 employees after one of them had been hospitalized with high fever . The outcome of the screening made it possible to discover 5 positives, including 3 employees of a cooperative working in the sausage factory. The ATS arranged yesterday for the slaughterhouse to close and sanitation is awaited today. The number of workers (not all resident in the Mantua) rises to 68, mostly asymptomatic or paucisymptomatic, results infected in the 5 slaughterhouses between Viadana and Dosolo, two of which hospitalized, in conditions that would not be serious.

Veneto: +6 cases since yesterday afternoon

There are 6 new cases of contagion from Covid-19 recorded since yesterday afternoon in Veneto, which thus reaches the figure of 19,326 infections since the start of the pandemic. This was reported by the Region’s bulletin. The victims stopped at 2,023, between hospitals and rest homes). The new cases are distributed in various provinces (Venice, Vicenza, Verona and Belluno), they are all foreign adults and not in a nursing home.

24 new cases in Emilia Romagna, one dead

There are 24 new cases of coronavirus in Emilia-Romagna in today’s bulletin from the Region, with data updated at 12, for a total of 28,637 since the beginning of the epidemic. The curve drops slightly after a +51 in 24 hours was recorded yesterday, cases related to two known outbreaks, in the Bolognese and in the Ravenna area. Today there is a new victim that brings the total deaths to 4,268. Of the 24 new cases today, 13 people are asymptomatic and have been identified as part of the regional screening and contact tracking activities of positive people. The symptomatic 11 are 5 in Bologna, 4 in Modena, one in Parma and Piacenza, all situations attributable to existing outbreaks or already known cases. There are 1,029 active cases in the region (8 fewer than yesterday). There are 9 ICU patients (one more since yesterday), 88 in the other Covid wards, as yesterday.

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