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Carlantonio Solimene

It will not be MPs who will relaunch the gasping Italian tourism sector. In addition to being remembered as the year of Coronavirus, 2020 will also go down in history as the one in which the Chambers renounced a historical privilege: the maxi-ferie (in 2019, to say, Montecitorio stopped for the beauty of 38 days).

The Senate has already formalized the farewell to the summer break. He did so through a note from President Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, who responded to an appeal from the industrial world relaunched by the newspaper “Il Resto del Carlino”. «The Senate will not go on vacation. Just as it has remained open and has also worked during the emergency of the past few months – the president wrote – it will not close even in August. The country is in difficulty and needs immediate answers. The Senate will not back down: this is the commitment we make with the Italians, in such a dramatic moment in our history ».

The Chamber of Deputies, however, has not yet made a decision in this regard, postponing the “verdict” to the group leaders’ meeting to be held in the last week of July. But everything goes in the direction of a similar choice to that of Palazzo Madama. In addition to the reasons for opportunities (during the lockdown the Chambers worked part-time, difficult to justify a further excess of rest) there are those related to legislative activity. If, as it seems certain, the Simplifications decree were to be published in the Official Journal earlier this week, its conversion into law could not take place beyond the first fifteen days of September. The process would start from the Senate, where the bulk of the work in commission would also take place, but Montecitorio would still have the task of the final analysis of the text. Not to mention that in the last session currently scheduled by the Chamber of Deputies, on July 27, a series of leading measures are expected to arrive in the Chamber: from the proposed law on homophobia to that on the separation of the career of magistrates, from the bill on the conflict of interest to the long-standing debate on the electoral law. It is difficult, if not impossible, for the various files to be postponed to September-October, with the risk of going beyond the budget session.

Then there is another factor to consider: with the election day scheduled for September 20-21, the electoral campaign will start from mid-August. Then the parliamentarians will be called to a real tour de force. If anything, some baths could escape on the sidelines of a rally, certainly not an escape to a distant tropical paradise.

After all, after the announcement of Casellati, the world of politics expressed itself unanimously: «Many companies and many Italians will work to recover the lost months with the lockdown this summer. Politics must also lead by example. Indeed, we at Forza Italia launch a proposal. Given the crisis, we are anticipating the budget session. The budget is to be presented by the government in late July and in August Parliament is working to approve it as soon as possible, “said the Italian team leader in the Mariastella Gelmini Chamber. Same concepts expressed by Matteo Renzi of Italia Viva (“entrepreneurs do it, Parliament must do it: it is not populism, but common sense”) and Vito Crimi from Cinquestelle (“We are in full crisis, other than planning holidays … . “). In short, for once everyone agrees. The important thing is to sanitize the air conditioners. Otherwise the political situation will be boiling. Not just metaphorically.

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