Coronavirus Italy, latest news: another 188 cases and 7 deaths


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Updates on Saturday 11 July

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Updates on Saturday 11 July

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There are 242,827 coronavirus cases registered in Italy on 11 July 2020: +188 compared to 10 July, while deaths grow by 7 and reach 34,945 (34,938 yesterday). 9,931 new swabs were processed, bringing the total to 5,900,552. Of the newly infected 67, they are in Lombardy (35.6%) and 47 in Emilia Romagna. The regions without new cases are Umbria, Sardinia, Valle d’Aosta and Molise. 45,931 swabs were made, down from yesterday (47,953). These are the data of the Ministry of Health.

In Lazio 19 new infections

There are 19 new ones infected by Covid today in Lazio. Of the new cases, informs the regional councilor for Health, Alessio D’Amato, two thirds are those of import (12). Of the latter, 8 have a link with return flights from Bangladesh already to the attention of the authorities. Two other cases come from India, one from Hungary and one from Egypt. The situation, explains D’Amato, “is under control but we must not let our guard down. The diffusion is moderate, mainly due to import cases. The Bangladesh community is actively collaborating and continues to drive-in for contact tracing. “



Where were we

There were 242,639 coronavirus cases registered in Italy on 10 July 2020: an increase of 276 cases in the last 24 hours. Deaths rose 12 units compared to 9 July (+ 0.03%), bringing the total to 34,938. The discharged / healed increased to 194,273, an increase of +295 (+ 0.15%). 5,854,621 swabs were made, an increase of 47,953 compared to the previous day. The swab / positive ratio was 0.57% (yesterday 0.43%). In Lombardy, it curves at + 0.14% (yesterday 0.12%) with 11.505 swabs (11.812 yesterday): 135 positives (of which 46 are weakly positive and 72 identified following a positive serological test for antibodies). The positive / swab ratio is 1.17% (1% yesterday). The total infected are 94,905. Inpatients decreased (-11 to 190) and intensive care (-4 to 27); 6 deaths.

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