Coronavirus in the world: deaths, infections and all the news on the situation


Cities and states around the world have returned to applying stricter restrictions to combat new outbreaks now that global outbreaks from Covid-19 have exceeded 13 million. The World Health Organization has warned that “there is no shortcut”. In the USA 59,222 new cases of coronavirus were registered in 24 hours. It emerges from data from Johns Hopkins University. The total of the positives in the world thus rises to 3.36 million while the death toll worsens at 135.582, with 411 deaths yesterday.

Third wave, Hong Kong closes (also Disneyland)

Hong Kong Disneyland will close its doors less than a month after its reopening, after the new wave of infections. The amusement park had been closed at the end of January when the pandemic had spread to Asia and then reopened on June 18 when the spread of the coronavirus now seemed contained.The former British colony closes bars, gyms and restaurants after the increase in infections locally, the third since the beginning of the year. Masks will be mandatory on public transport. The gatherings of more than four people and the catering after 6 pm are prohibited. The fine for anyone who contravenes the rules will be over $ 600. These are the strictest restrictions since the start of the pandemic. Which will make it more difficult for the opposition, pro-democracy, to organize demonstrations after the new national security law came into force on June 30th.
According to health experts, the new wave of infections – including 52 registered on Monday – is mainly due to taxi drivers, restaurants and rest homes.

Brazil, Bolsonaro “fed up” with quarantine

The president “can’t take it anymore” to stay in quarantine. “It’s hell,” he said to Cnn Brasil. He distracts himself by feeding the animals of the Alvorada Palace, except being bitten in the arm by an emu.

In the last 24 hours, Brazil has registered 20,286 new coronavirus infections and 733 deaths from the pandemic. This was communicated by the Ministry of Health. With these data, the total of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the country reached 1,884,967 infected, with 72,833 deaths since the start of the pandemic. The country remains the first in Latin America and the second in the world, after the United States, for the number of confirmed cases and coronavirus victims.

California closes everything except Hollywood

The governor has decided to close bars, restaurants, gyms, churches and hairdressers. The state has recorded over 329,000 cases and the deaths have exceeded 7,000. Hospitalizations have increased by 28% in the past two weeks, including a 20% increase in patients requiring intensive care. Gavin Newsom said he was worried about the future and pleaded with people to keep social distance, wear masks in public and stay home whenever possible. Meanwhile, the school districts of Los Angeles and San Diego, the two largest in California, have announced that they will not be taking students back to class next month. Hollywood instead decided to start filming again.

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