“Coronavirus in the US?”, Exonerated Trump – Libero Quotidiano


Politics with the coronavirus they have nothing to do with it. To exonerate Donald Trump from the accusations of the world left is Federico Rampini, historical correspondent of Republic from the United States and certainly not accused of sympathies for the Republican President. TO Italy tonight there is talk of sovereignty and coronavirus and Rampini notes: “The more or less serious balances depend up to a certain point on the commander in the field. In America there is a strong federalism, in California, New York e Texas the governors count more and we also have contagions that increase both in the States governed by the left, with lockdown tougher, both in those governed by the right with softer lockdowns “.

“In this matter – Rampini suggests – theindividualism culture of western populations, which I distinguish from multiple attitudes responsible of Far Eastern societies, these are things that have to do with education and the values ​​handed down from generation to generation, not with who is president at the time. ”

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