Coronavirus in the United States has a one-day infection record


(Teleborsa) – Record surge in new cases across states United, with the number of infections in a day that exceeds for the first time since the Coronavirus health crisis began 50 thousand (52,898 cases those registered by Johns Hopkins University).According to the numbers published by the American University that is monitoring the trend of the pandemic, in the country there are 2,682,270 total cases of COVID-19, with 128,028 deaths. It is full emergency a Houston in Texas where hospitals have reached 100% of capacity while new peaks of infection are recorded in Alaska and Arizona. There California has restored the lockdown on 75% of its territory.

It doesn’t get better in Brazil which is currently the country most affected by Coronavirus in Latin America and the second in the world just behind the United States: in the last 24 hours more than 46 thousand new cases (1,448,753 total cases) e 1,038 deaths (60,632 from the beginning of the emergency). In relation to total cases and deaths follow Peru (288.477 and 9.860) e Chile (282.043 and 5.753), and 7 other countries with more than 30,000 infections: Mexico (231.770 and 28.510), Colombia (102,009 and 3,470), Argentine (67.197 and 1.351), ecuador (58,257 and 4,576), Dominican Republic (33.387 and 754), Panama (34.463 and 645) e Bolivia (32,219 and 1,123).

The fear is rekindled by an exacerbation of the emergency a Tokyo, in Japan, where for the first time since May 2, daily infections exceed 100 (107) – after almost two months that had been below the average of 50 per day – and in Israel, where yesterday was the second consecutive record of infections: the Israeli Ministry of Health has registered 868 new cases of coronaviruses in the past 24 hours, after 859 the previous day. Two new victims for a total of 322 deaths in the country.

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