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Milan, 2 July 2020 – I am 98 new positive cases of Coronavirus (yesterday +109), of which 30 following serological tests and 36 weakly positive, recorded in Lombardy in the last 24 hours based on 9,440 swabs made. The number of deaths that are is rising 21, compared to yesterday’s 6 (grand total 16,671). The Region reported it in its daily bulletin. THE ICU patients are stable at 41while those not in intensive care are now 241 (-36). THE healed / discharged they reached 67,610 (+188) for a total of 65,267 recovered and 2,343 discharged. “Continue on decrease in the number of inpatients (-36) e increases that of guariti (+188). It should also be noted that, in relation to the 98 positive cases, 30 refer to serological tests and 36 are weakly positive. As for the deaths, which unfortunately are 21 today, it should always be stressed that these updates refer to the timing with which the municipal registers and hospitals communicate these data “, commented the Regional Welfare Councilor, Giulio Gallera.

Provincial data

IS Milan is the province with the most new Covid-19 positive patients in Lombardy: they are counted today 28 new cases (yesterday +21), of which 17 in Milan city (yesterday +10). Following there is Bergamo with 23 cases (yesterday +22) and Brescia with 9 (yesterday +19). TO Mantua, Cremona and Varese 5 new positives (yesterday respectively +22, +4 and +1), while in Como 4 (yesterday +1). Better situation in other provinces: a Lodi (yesterday +5) and Pavia 3 (yesterday +1); to Monza, Lecco is Sondrio 2 (yesterday +6, +4 and +0 respectively).

Coronavirus, the data of July 2nd

Coronavirus, Gallera: “Struck by something we didn’t know, now ready”

Regarding the current situation, the Councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region Giulio Gallera, intervened in the Tgcom24 column “Dentro i Fatti”: “We have been hit in the back by something we didn’t know. Today we know him, we are developing the system, not only in hospitals, where the Lombardy Region has shown that it knows how to modify itself to withstand the impact, but also in the area there is some pharmacological protocol, not many but we have them. And then we have a very structured surveillance system, we are monitoring the situation and we will be more ready if there is a resurgence. But nobody can say if there will be or not “.

Gallera reiterated: “If they had given us an instruction booklet would certainly have been better. I remember that in the directive of the Ministry of Health of 22 January it was written that the WHO said that the arrival of Coronavirus in Europe was moderate. Now the WHO says that a person who has no symptoms for three days can be released without the tampon. This is all information that contradicts itself. “” If we had had precise information from the scientific bodies appointed we would certainly have acted more effectively, “stressed the councilor. swab situation in Lombardy, Gallera said that “since May, from reporting to the result of the swab no more than 48 hours have passed. This is the model we have put in place and that there will also be in the autumn. The outbreaks identified in these weeks have occurred since epidemiological activity. Our way of acting has always been this and then we had to manage a wave that swept us over “.

On the Milan hospital in the Fiera area, he pointed out: “It is a hospital that we have done in case the wave which has affected some of our provinces had arrived in Milan. We have created a hospital with 250 intensive care beds. Today that hospital is part of the intensive care plan requested by the government. Today the numbers do not worry us because there are fewer than 250 hospitalized throughout Lombardy and we have 42 people in intensive care. The number of people in acute need is limited. “” Most of the positive patients we detect or are asymptomatic who can stay at home to be treated or weakly positive, “assured Gallera, who on how to spend MES money in case they arrive, he assures: “Absolutely we would know how to spend them. We need to renovate, restructure and maintain our hospitals. And then there is the great theme of local medicineI, to use the electronic highways to accompany patients to their home. That’s a great game that needs investment. We would find the way to spend them. ”

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