Coronavirus in Latin America, from Bolivia to Venezuela: presidents and ministers fall ill


There is not only Jair Bolsonaro. While all of Latin America wins the new coronavirus hotspot black jersey, ministers from across the continent also fall ill.

We start from the top – hierarchically speaking – and we go down. Positive result yesterday the interim president of post-Morales Bolivia, Jeanine Aez. Aez, 53, explained via Twitter that she had worked with several collaborators who manifested the symptoms and, for this reason, had undergone the test. No fever for the moment but necessary to be in solitary confinement, as had already been advised. In Bolivia, Defense Minister Luis Fernando Lpez took over the interim leadership of the Ministry of Health after the owner, Eidy Roca, tested positive. It even raids the seventh member of the government of La Paz to have been infected. Last Saturday it was the turn of the minister of mines, Jorge Fernando Oropeza, and that of the presidency, Yerko Nez. In practice, an entire quarantined toilet, with the owner of the Interior Arturo Murillo, forced to explain: We ministers are on the front line, we got sick because we are in the midst of people and not behind the desks.

It is no better for the deputies. The number two of Chavista Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, was also infected whose 2020 is definitely uphill as US President Donald Trump recently put a $ 10 billion bounty on his head after accusing him of drug trafficking. And you had to shut yourself in too Omar Prieto, governor of the state of Zulia among the most affected by the virus due to the collapse of electricity and water services.

Meanwhile, the inexorable numbers are growing. A United Nations report disclosed in the last few hours warns that the number of deaths reported in Latin America – 137,929 yesterday – may actually be five times higher than official data. And if political leaders try to hide the problem under the carpet, the virus does not forgive them either. In Chile, Sebastian Piera’s government appears shaky: last month the referendum on the reform of the Constitution was postponed, convened in response to the protests of the beginning of the year, while still in isolation the Minister of Production, Cristian Monckeberg, who tested positive a month ago, after the same fate had been touched in May to Alfredo Moreno, owner of Public Works and former Foreign Minister following the resignation of Health Minister Jaime Maalich, overwhelmed by controversy precisely for the management of the pandemic.

Finally, the ministers of health are also shaking in the buildings of Bogot, where the results of the test await, Fernando Ruiz, and commerce, Jos Manuel Restrepo, as well as the president of the Colombian Confcommercio, Jaime Alberto Cabal, after the president of the federation of the departments, Carlos Camargo, contracted the virus. I’m fine and I have nothing, he hastened to declare President Ivn Duque. But easy to suspect that a superstitious person has crossed his mind for now.

July 10, 2020 (change July 10, 2020 | 9:17 pm)


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