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ROME. 956 patients are still hospitalized in Italy for coronavirus, of which 79 in intensive care. Both figures are down: yesterday, according to the Ministry of Health, 963 were hospitalized, including 82 in intensive care. But the epidemic curve is still growing, which for the fifth consecutive day marks an increase in cases: today there are 223 new infections against 201 yesterday. As many as 115 are in Lombardy. The total is therefore 241,184 people affected by Covid-19 since the beginning of the epidemic.

In Lazio, in particular, the same number as yesterday for the infections: 11 positive today too. But there is also a death that breaks the zero that has been happening for days and the situation, even if the numbers are not high and “the Rt value is falling” as assured by the regional councilor for Health Alessio D’Amato, is to keep under control. “I feel a drop in tension,” said D’Amato on Thursday 3 June when two cases of children (one 5 years old and the sister 14) had been reported infected in Rome in the territory of the VI Municipio. The boy attended a summer camp, the girl had attended a year-end evening in a restaurant in the Casilino, now closed like the other structure.

The investigation of positive siblings in Rome
“His two positive brothers continue the epidemiological investigation. Swabs done to parents are both negative. The tests are being carried out on all the contacts of the summer center and of the school dinner ». There are seven new positives in the capital and two concern people who have returned from Bangladesh: one identified at the Policlinico Casilino and the other at Umberto I. For these patients, international contact tracing procedures have been activated and the assessor repeats that “it is necessary to guarantee quarantine for those from Bangladesh ».

The covid index of Covid in Veneto rises, the mathematician of the CNR Sebastiani: “The situation is no different from other regions, it worries the province of Bologna more”

Carpet test in Lazio
In the ASL Rm 2 there was also a case involving a 10-month-old boy who had returned from Pakistan and to the Policlinico Umberto I a boy who arrived in the night in the Roman hospital after having had a road traffic accident, then tested positive for the swab. In Asl Rm 3 the three new cases are in home isolation. In the province in the Asl Rm 5 there is a new positive access to the emergency room of the Palestrina hospital, now hospitalized at Spallanzani. In the Asl Rm 6 of the two cases one concerns an administrative employee. A positive also in Frosinone.

Serological tests in Rome

As for the San Raffaele Pisana clinic, the structure was emptied of patients to sanitize the rooms. The activities of seroprevalence tests continue for all health professionals and law enforcement agencies. So far almost 168 thousand tests have been carried out and of these 75 thousand to health workers and 34 thousand to law enforcement workers. About 1,200 pharmacists, 2,500 blood donors and over 34,000 citizens tested in private laboratories.

“The circulation rate is stable at 2.3% – the Region said – the tests have allowed us to identify 327 asymptomatic positive swabs. Serological tests will begin on 6 July for trade operators registered with Sanimpresa; there are over 79 thousand ».

Coronavirus, the curve showing where the epidemic is in Italy

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