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Roberto Speranza, Minister of Health (Ansa)
Rome, 2 July 2020 – “The closure to non-Schengen countries is one caution more “. Watchwords prudence for Roberto Speranza. The Minister of Health spoke at Agor√† Estate, on Rai Tre, underlining the importance of “remembering the dramatic weeks that our country has experienced”. Then, on the latest bulletins and cases of contagion from Coronavirus current, he added: “We are now in a different situation Italy is Europe the curve has noticeably bent, but this has not happened in the rest of the world. “The minister does not rule out one second wave Covid19: “It is possible, and caution is needed”. Then he explained: “The second wave of the virus in the autumn is not certain but the scientific community does not eslcude it. We hope it is not there, but in the face of the risk we must keep the rules of caution, use the masks, to avoid gatherings and wash your hands. “As for strengthening the NHS, Hope said that “in the past 5 months we have put more money than in the past 5 years. In Revival decree, which is now under discussion in the House, there are three billion and 250 million, and we must insist. It’s just the beginning for me. ”

The minister, about theCenter left alliance – M5s, “If you govern a country that is in the G7 together, you cannot think that everyone will do what they want in the territories – said Speranza -. It is a contradiction that cannot last long. We have to do more and better on this. is relaunch an alliance in which the center-left and the Five Stars try to govern also on the territories. Not doing so would mean wasting an opportunity and giving more strength to the opposition “ Mes, instead: “Parliament will decide – adds Speranza -, but the National Health Service needs resources”.

This year “it will be more important this year to do the flu vaccine“, said Speranza.” We have lowered the recommendation to do it at 60 from 65 and we will do it for the little ones too. We do this because the flu symptoms are similar to those of Coronavirus and vaccination can help us not to confuse and recognize it immediately. The vaccine this year is even more important. ” Against Covid-19 “there is no saving instrument, there is no magic wand – Speranza continues -. I would like to say on television that we have a definitive solution. The final solution will be the vaccine, on which we are working, on which theItaly is in the leading group and that we hope to arrive as soon as possible ”

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