Coronavirus, get them into the control system so Covid enters from abroad


Import cases. With an approximate but realistic calculation, at least a hundred new positives arrived in Italy from abroad, often without even having complied with the two mandatory quarantine weeks. In China as in Thailand, two countries that have basically managed to eliminate the circulation of SARS-CoV-2, every time new positives emerge, they specify whether they have come from beyond the border: the great fear is that the infection will resume due to infected people who have come from other nations. The same, for example, happened in New Zealand, which had become “Covid free country”. Well, now the same phenomenon is evident in Italy, just put the latest outbreaks in line.

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Virus, the Rt index in the Regions: beyond the guard level in Lazio, Veneto and Emilia Romagna

Coronavirus in Italy, the bulletin: in 24 hours 15 dead and 223 more positive. Iss: positive situation but small warning signs

In Lazio, which also pays for the presence of Fiumicino international airport, there have already been 30 positive cases of infected people arriving from abroad. The most numerous are immigrants from Bangladesh, with residence in Italy, who return from a nation where the virus (according to the citizens’ associations of this country) is now out of control. Sometimes, due to the need to work, they do not comply with the quarantine obligation, so much so that the Lazio Region has contacted both the airport authorities and the embassy, ​​and has decided to carry out, from Monday, tampons to the whole Bangladeshi community. Another mini outbreak, caused by those who returned from Dhaka, developed between Cesena and Ravenna. But in Rome the import cases also concern Brazil, the United States, Mexico. Yesterday a ten-month-old boy returned from Pakistan with a positive result. “The quarantine obligation system is not working, the controls are not effective” said Lazio’s councilor for health, Alessio D’Amato. A similar concept was also expressed by the governor of Veneto, Luca Zaia: the entrepreneur from Vicenza who returned from Serbia who originated the outbreak and sent the Rt incident to the stars, should have closed their homes fifteen days. “Quarantine is excluded only for those arriving from the Schengen area – Zaia explained – and I do not know that Serbia is in the Schengen area”. There is not only Bangladesh, there is not only Brazil, now out of control and from which dozens are landing in Fiumicino, after having stopped in Lisbon, thus watering down the controls.

In the Balkans, the epidemic is exploding and checking who arrives from that area, often by car, is even more complicated. There is not only the story of who brought Sars-CoV-2 to Vicenza from Serbia. Let’s move further north to Trento: the Provincial Health Services Agency has identified an outbreak with eight positive people. The director of the Department of Prevention Antonio Ferro: «The infection started with a Kosovar citizen who returned to Trentino on 14 June. The man did not comply with the obligation to notify the local health authority of his return to Italy. And it did not carry out mandatory domestic isolation for people from non-European Union countries. In the first days of his stay in Italy, he also took part in a party of the Kosovan community of Predazzo “. Clear? Not only did he not comply with the quarantine requirement, he also attended a party. On June 24, however, he went to the emergency room, he tested positive together with two people who live with him. For the failure to comply with the provisions against contagion, the man was reported to the judicial authority. In Mondragone, in Campania, there was a bad outbreak and there was also talk of citizens returning from Bulgaria.

Back in Veneto: three weeks ago a Moldovan caregiver returned to Padua, after a long trip with a minibus together with 11 other people. She did not go into solitary confinement either, but after a few days she ended up in hospital because of Covid-19 and the elderly woman from Padua who was assisting was also infected and was hospitalized. Zaia has announced swabs for all carers. But the real knot is the need to increase controls over who (re) enters Italy. The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, has chosen the path of prudence and has maintained the obligation of isolation also for those coming from the fifteen countries of the world for which the rest of the European Union has eliminated it. But D’Amato insists: “At Aeroporti di Roma we asked to strengthen the controls on who arrives, even with connecting flights, from Bangladesh”. From Adr, the airport management company, they assured him: we apply one hundred percent the health regulations indicated by the government.

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