Coronavirus, Fauci: “Covid harmless? Trump misinterprets the data”. UN: vaccine for all


Washington, 11 July 2020 – Nei United States has been established on new record daily of infections: 66,627 new cases, which lead to over 3.1 million coronavirus positive in the country. In some American States, the lockdown is returning after early openings. An alarming situation that led to the White House immunologist, Anthony Fauci, to claim to understand why the EU has closed its borders to travelers from his country for fear of Covid-19. Worldwide, the pandemic is close to i 12.5 million of infections (12,498,467), with 560,209 deaths, reports John Hopkins University based on official communications provided by all countries. After the United States, by accident and death, the Brazil, while theIndia it is third for contagions and the Great Britain for deaths.


In the last 24 hours, the United States has recorded 66,627 other cases, a new daily positive record (In total there are 3,181,846 infections, the victims over 134 thousand). In Florida a another 11 year old boy died of complications related to the virus, is the fourth minor died in the state for Covid-19. Clash in Georgia between the Atlanta mayor Keisha Bottoms intends to bring the emergency back to phase one, forcing citizens to stay home, and Republican governor Brian Kemp against it. An institutional confrontation is also expected for California, which has announced a legal appeal against the US administration for visa restrictions for foreign students who will have to leave the country if their university offers online courses only for coronavirus. Same battle as Harvard and Mit universities, which will only offer web lessons for the next academic year and have sued the federal government. In Floridaalthough the data are not comforting, Disney World reopens today. Yesterday, President Trump went to Florida for a fundraiser, and never mentioned the coronavirus, in a state that recorded 11,433 other infections, for a total of 244,151, and 93 new deaths that bring the budget to 4,102 deaths.

Always south the Texas risks a new lockdown. State Governor Greg Abbott warns: “If the coronavirus doesn’t slow down, the next step will have to be a lockdown.” In the state of the lone star, admissions for Covid exceeded 10,000 and 95 died yesterday.

Keeping the pandemic under control will be “a serious problem”. The White House immunologist said so Anthony Fauci, during the weekly FiveThirtyEight podcast he explained: “Coronavirus is not like the other viruses we have experienced”, and added: “It is particularly efficient in transmission from person to person and therefore, I am skeptical in believing that it can be kept under control without a vaccine. “Fauci, to the Financial Times, criticized what Trump claims, namely that 99% of coronavirus infections they are “harmless”, the immunologist replies: “I’m trying to understand where he might have taken that data”, and speculates: “What I think happened has been that they told him that the average mortality rate is around 1%. His interpretation is that the remaining 99% do not represent a problem but obviously this is not so “.

Usa, holy man of varechina arrested

Has been indicted together with his children Mark Grenon, the Florida preacher he would have inspired by President Donald Trump in suggesting injections of disinfectant as a remedy for coronavirus. The accusation for Grenon and his family is to have sold tens of thousands of people a cocktail based on a powerful chemical substance, passing it off as a miraculous cure not only against Covid-19, but against all evil. In reality the product was nothing but sodium chlorite. Grenon himself had said that he had suggested to Trump the now famous exit on the remedy of varechine, so much criticized, and with the consequence of at least one victim among the population.


In Brazil the swabs made are negative to the 13 ministers who had had contact with the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro. The head of state last Tuesday informed the press that he had contracted the disease, specifying that he had experienced the symptoms since the previous Sunday. Bolsonaro then returned to recommend to citizens the use of‘hydroxychloroquine against coronavirus, although there is no scientific evidence of its effectiveness. On Facebook he said: “I tell you clearly, it’s my testimony: I took it and it’s working, I’m very well”.


In three weeks India has doubled the number of infections, confirming itself as the third most affected country in the world for cases of infection with over 820,000 officially registered cases. The new record, in the last few hours, it exceeds 27,000 infected, and 520 deaths, that is, the second highest daily since the start of the pandemic. The alarm in the country that has almost 1.4 billion inhabitants It is growing, the density of housing in the “slums” of the big cities and the long displacements of workers, who returned to the villages due to the severe lockdown established in March, contributed to the spread of the virus. The official data according to many experts are underestimated.


Improve the situation in the Australian state of Victoria, which yesterday recorded only 216 new cases, the 25% off compared to 288 on Thursday. State Prime Minister Daniel Andrews stressed that despite the closings “we will see more and more additional cases”. Melbourne, the capital of the Aussie state, has returned to lockdown, and will remain there for the next six weeks. Nationally Australia recorded 9,553 infections, and 107 deaths.


Israel record a new case record: 1,464 registered in the last 24 hours. There are 16,651 active positives in the country, and 124 patients in serious conditions. The outbreaks detected since the start of the pandemic were 35,533 and the dead 350.

Hong Kong

After a spike in the infections the authorities of Hong Kong decided to close all schools starting Monday, according to the BBC website which cites sources from the ministry of local education.


Another tense night on the streets of Belgrade where about seventy people were arrested by the police. During the night, a violent group of protesters faced peaceful demonstrators and clashed with agents in front of Parliament, also attacking journalists and operators. Some also broke into Parliament. Several police posts to contain the most violent. The main demonstration, which contested President Aleksandar Vucic and his decision to apply new restrictive measures, was more peaceful. The accusation for the government is that he purposely lied about the data to go to the polls on June 21 last.



In Russia in the past 24 hours there have been 6,611 coronavirus cases, which brings the total to 720,547. The virus has affected 83 regions. Of these 1,766 cases, 26.7% are asymptomatic. Moscow with 678 cases in 24 hours, is the most flagellated. St. Petersburg registered 296, less than half. In the past hour 8,378 people have been discharged, bringing the total number of healings to 497,446. The victims are 188, with the total death toll reaching 11,205.


Disturbing signals from Japan: the number of new infections has reached another peak of 243 cases today. The figure exceeds 224 cases reported yesterday, and it is also the first time that more than 200 cases have been confirmed for two consecutive days.


In Germany boom of volunteers for the vaccine: four thousand have submitted their candidacy to the University Hospital of Tübingen where the experimentation of the product developed by CureVac is underway. The trial began in mid-June on a first group of 50 people. Nobody reported side effects. Today the country has recorded 378 new cases, compared to 395 reported yesterday, and six other deaths. According to the data released by the Robert Koch Institute, the total number of infections is 198,556, while 9,060 have died since the beginning of the health emergency. The healed are 184,400. The most affected region is Bavaria with 49,184 infections and 2,612 deaths. Berlin records 8,617 cases and 216 victims.


In Switzerland the Federal Office of Public Health (SFOPE) has confirmed 108 new cases, adding that no new deaths have occurred. Three times the number of people infected by Covid-19 this week has exceeded 100 units. Last Friday there were 104 new infections. There were 32,798 cases in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. The deaths 1686, the last one over a week ago.


In Indonesia the new infected are 1,671, for a tortale of 74,018. According to the agencies, 66 other victims were identified in the latest survey, bringing the total to 3,535; 34,719 people were healed.


The Secretary General of the United Nations António Guterres he wanted to emphasize the need to build fairer societies and economies to fight the global pandemic. Then he made the request that “any future vaccine against Covid-19 is accessible to everyone. ” And he explained: “In many parts of the world, coronavirus is colliding with the ongoing HIV epidemic. As the latest UN report on AIDS shows, the HIV epidemic remains a huge outstanding issue Millions of lives have been saved, especially women in Africa, and today 25.4 million people are being treated, but gender inequality, gender-based violence, criminalization and marginalization of vulnerable groups continue to push forward. HIV “.


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