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An elderly guest of the RSA Giovanni Di Bari tested positive at Covid-19
Fano (Pesaro and Urbino), 11 July 2020 – A new case of Coronavirus in the city. She had a fever since 1 July, an elderly guest of the Rsa Giovanni Di Bari of Fano, that the eve of San Paterniano was positive at Covid-19. He had a lasting fever, which after four days of presence, the doctor of the nursing home located inside the structure of the Cante di Montevecchio (at number 5 in via Francesco Palazzi), reported to Asur by starting the procedure normally for verification via buffer for the research of SARS-CoV-2. The outcome only arrived on Thursday. Positive! On the same day also a 77 year old guest of the Rsa of Macerata Feltria he received the result of his swab: also positive for Coronavirus and included in the Gores bulletin.

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Another contagion, therefore, but above all another contagion inside a Fano nursing home, structures that paid a very high price to the pandemic. In the home for the elderly New Familyfor example, 15 grandparents surrendered to the disease after 50 of the initial 65 residents manifested the symptoms of Coronavirus. “This is the only case of Coronavirus that has occurred at the Cante di Montevecchio since February – the director Giovanni Di Bari stresses, who does not understand how the old woman was able to come into contact with the virus – the important thing to say is that the host was isolated immediately, that as soon as the outcome of the pad arrived, it was transferred to a Covid facility in Campofilone and that the operators of the Cante and all the other guests to date are all asymptomatic. We too have clearly activated all the procedures normally required for verification by means of swabs: we have requested swabs for the 15 workers and 28 residents. ”

There is fear inside and outside the walls of the Cante, a few steps from the historic center. But Bari reassures. “When she experienced the first fever symptoms at the beginning of the month, the elderly woman was alone in the room because the other guest was not there – he says -. When the thermometer showed the first lines of fever, she was immediately isolated, as is done in these cases. The fever has not gone down and we have therefore requested the swab. The result, which arrived yesterday, was positive and we were immediately activated with the legal procedures. Despite having used the dpi and the social distance, all those who have attended the protected residence will therefore be checked to avoid any risk there may be “. All meetings with family members, which had been reopened before July 1st, were clearly suspended. “Planned, according to the regulations and in the internal garden – concludes Di Bari -. No relative has ever entered the structure”. The next steps will be to understand how the elderly contracted the virus.

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