Coronavirus, extension of state of emergency: for Boccia “it is our Noah’s Ark”. Locatelli (Cts): “It serves to be more ready”. Hope: “Battle is not won”


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While in the world theWHO certifies the new record of daily infections of coronavirus, in Italy the theme of these days is the extension of the state of emergency at a time when new cases are on the decline. Precisely for this reason the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza calls the country to prudence: “Battle is not won, graduality is needed”. The owner of regional affairs is even clearer Francesco Bowl, which speaks of the extension as “our Noah’s Ark”. All this two days after the first concrete appointment: on Tuesday, Parliament will be called to vote on the extension of the measures anti Covid which are valid until July 14th. Before the vote, the measure will be illustrated in plenary by health minister Roberto Speranza, who today on Twitter he said clearly that the crisis is still far from resolved: “220 thousand infections Covid in one day worldwide. Never before has such a high number in just 24 hours. This tells us that it is not won and that everyone still needs attention. We must continue to follow the line of prudence and graduality“.

Translated: yes immediately to the extension of the rules to prevent new ones contagion (therefore masks and social distancing in the first place), no to take the situation by leg, because the risk of a new wave in the autumn is there and is concrete. And the extension of the state of emergency throughout 2020 could be an additional weapon or, to put it with the Minister of Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia, “our Noah’s Ark”. In an interview with Messenger, the member of the government stressed that many center-right voters “know that the extension of the state of emergency is a due act proposed by the government that has made the country. Just as there are many center-right administrators and governors who understand very well the mechanisms of government of public affairs ”. Speaking of the measures taken in recent months, such as the lockdown for all of Italy, despite the difference in the number of contagion between north and south, Boccia stressed that the situation compared to the previous months is different, “there are tools and knowledge and the law in force already foresees that it will be possible to limit the territories in the event of sudden crises. Until the Covid19 will be in circulation – he added – exceptional measures for workers, businesses, health, schools and for every sector on which government, regions and local authorities are called to give daily answers. I have faith in the sense of responsibility of the opposition ”. Regarding the management of the crisis by the government to which it belongs, the head of regional affairs explained that since the reopening of the regions on 3 June last, the use of ministerial decrees “Has been reduced to almost zero. The number of Dpcm was intense only in the most dramatic weeks of the lockdown when it was necessary to take immediate decisions and to protect life. Those needs are gone. ” For Boccia, however, the Italians are underestimating the virus in their daily habits, because if the epidemic “Back to spread we risk not being able to get up again”.

The issue of the extension of the state of emergency also intervened Franco Locatelli, President of the Superior Health Council and member of the Technical Scientific Committee. In an interview with Repubblica, the expert stressed that “the state of emergency allows us to be more responsive. If in three months the epidemic is over, you have time to change. ” On the current strength of Covid, then, to hear Locatelli “The disease has not lost potency, it is exactly the same. Now the season is helping us – he added – but conditions will come with autumn weather that will favor respiratory viruses. ” For this reason, according to the number one of the Superior Health Council, “better be ready”. “We are not out of it. The numbers we see every day prove it – explained Locatelli – the clusters that have occurred in various areas, from Mondragone in Palmi, from Veneto to Bologna. We must give a strong message – he said again – Obviously and happily we have left the dramatic picture but we are not out of the epidemic problem from coronavirus. And remember that we are in the climatically favorable months. This period should be used to the fullest to reduce the circulation of the virus more and more, because they will arrive months lateautumn and winter with climatic conditions that favor the circulation of respiratory viruses. And the SARS-CoV-2 does not exception“.

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