Coronavirus emergency, is clash on the hypothesis of prolongation


The hypothesis of the prolongation of the state of emergency triggers the discontent of the opposition and beyond. The possibility is not viewed favorably even by the majority. The center-right prepares for the barricades, the Democratic Party comes out into the open to placate the controversies and arm the government, with the secretary Nicola Zingaretti who guarantees full dem support to the executive.

The possible prolongation of the state of emergency also reinvigorates the controversy over the role of Parliament in the months in which the government proceeded autonomously with a conspiracy of Dpcm. To underline the need for the Houses to become central again is the President of the Senate, Elisabetta Casellati, who complains that “we are now the invisibles of the Constitution”.

Therefore, the second state office hopes that Parliament will express its opinion on the possible extension of the state of emergency, and indicates next Tuesday, when Health Minister Roberto Speranza will illustrate in the Chamber the new Dpcm necessary to confirm some anti-contagion measures expiring mid-month, the occasion for a vote. Vote that, however, will not concern the state of emergency, point out from Palazzo Chigi.

So, not next Tuesday, but certainly before July 31 the Prime Minister will report to the Chambersif – as seems likely – the government should decide to extend the state of emergency approved last January until the end of the month until the end of the year.

It is the intention of the premier, as the Count himself explained yesterday, to involve the Houses on a decision that would prolong the government’s “extraordinary powers”. Of course, it is by no means excluded that in the resolutions that the political forces will present after the Hope communications there is no clear stance on the possible continuation of the state of emergency. Decision that, said Conte, has not yet been taken but will still be evaluated. But, it is explained, an extension appears obvious, necessary to ensure the maintenance of some measures adopted in recent months, starting from smart warking up to the possible decision on any red areas if alarming situations arise. For the extension, an ad hoc resolution of the CDM is necessary.

The hypothesis of prolonging the state of emergency was coldly accepted by the majority, where there is no lack of perplexity and discontent. For Italy alive if the prime minister “believes that we are still in an emergency”, “then the challenge is to act accordingly: immediately yes to the Mes and white fiscal year”, says the Senate group leader Davide Faraone, who does not hide the Irritation: “Frankly, President Conte’s decisions leave you banned for various reasons.”

And Maria Elena Boschi warns: “We must not create dangerous precedents, because we cannot joke about the freedoms of all of us, Parliament must be the protagonist”. Stefano Fassina di Leu speaks of a “worrying choice, both for the implications on the health, economic and social sphere, and on the democratic terrain”. Therefore, the prime minister “must come to the House and Senate to justify the proposal. It is up to Parliament to decide. ”

But the group leader Federico Fornaro brakes: “The possible extension to December 31 of the national emergency for Covid 19 has nothing to do with the full powers of the Prime Minister on the Orban model in Hungary”. And Zingaretti assures: “The Democratic Party is ready to support any government choice useful to contain the pandemic”.

“The extension of the state of emergency is indispensable”, explains the minister of the University Gaetano Manfredi, who cites the example of “blocking the arrival of citizens from Bangladesh”.

The center-right is also fierce. And Matteo Salvini does not spare shots well dealt to the government: «Millions of Italians blocked on the highway with infinite yards, a million Italians has not yet seen the layoffs and has not found the money promised in the bank and, despite this, the government to what do you think? To renew the state of emergency, extending it until the end of the year. No, there is a need for work, freedom, health and safety, also because the only free people to do and challenge in Italy at the moment are the illegal immigrants who continue to land, “attacks the League leader.

For Forza Italia «Conte wanted a blitz. Lightning Council of Ministers, perhaps nocturnal; state of emergency extended to 31 December; full powers confirmed to the Prime Minister. Point. The rising shields of the opposition has stopped this clumsy attempt, now the decision will have to be taken by Parliament “, urges the blue group leader Mariastella Gelmini, who addresses the majority to say” no to this useless coronation claimed by Conte “.

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