Coronavirus Cremona, the nurse Luca Alini: «Covid serious patients, here we go again»


For weeks it has been on the front line in Cremona, one of the hottest fronts of the coronavirus emergency. Now Luca Alini, nurse, wrote a Facebook post that went viral. It begins like this: «Here we go again. It is not my habit to take selfies, nor post them on Facebook. I did this at about 10 p.m. at work tonight. It is not a photo of March or April. In the ward we have resumed hospitalization of Covid patients with severe respiratory failure “. The situation is not that of February or March, when the ambulance sirens rang continuously and for ICV patients the places in intensive care were never enough, but in any case the emergency is not over: «The virus still exists – explains Alini – (…). Most people now think of the sea, the mountains, an aperitif with friends, a weekend trip. If anyone knows a person who has lost one of their loved ones because of the virus, try asking what they think of all this, of the fact that there are people who insist on not wearing the mask. Try to ask and hear what they think. In the meantime, we continue to do what we always do, even though we are no longer heroes or angels, we no longer have any honorific title ».

The last patient of the first wave, in Cremona, was discharged on June 30th. «8 days have passed. We are no longer Covid free, but it doesn’t matter – Luca’s post continues, while the comments of hundreds of colleagues from all over Italy arrive. I hope that everything that happened will not be repeated, of course, but nobody can be sure of it ». The mind of the Cremonese nurse goes back to those days: «What we saw and experienced in that period cannot be explained in words. Only those who were there can understand: first of all the patients (those who managed to survive), then the health workers and relatives of the patients for what they have gone through, the long periods without seeing their loved ones, the nightly waits for a phone call that, fortunately, in the most cases did not happen. ” Luca was also infected: “If I am here to write it means that I managed to survive to tell, and for us, in March, all this was not at all obvious”.

July 11, 2020 (change July 11, 2020 | 11:50 am)


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