Coronavirus, contagions tripled in Lazio: 31 positive, in Rome 14. WE PAY ATTENTION AND RESPECT THE RULES


Unfortunately, this increase in the number of infected people was quite predictable: we saw too many unconscious gatherings, too many people reacted to the release of the lock down as if everything had passed and we could go back to behaving “normally”.
Unfortunately this is not the case, the virus has not disappeared, although in this period it seems that its aggressiveness has decreased significantly. It is necessary to get used to living with it, adopting simple but effective measures: it costs very little, we will all be more relaxed guaranteeing our health and that of all those with whom we will be in contact.
Even in our area, so beautiful and full of tourist attractions, we have seen it in all colors: ATTENTION!
We resume full awareness of the risk that still persists and requires simple precautions: for the health of all of us, but also in order not to compromise the activities – finally resumed – of the many shops, bars, restaurants that, in case of identification of positive cases, they would immediately be closed again. (Shad)

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Coronavirus, black day for Rome and the Lazio:

a death and triplicate the positive cases, are a total of 31, of which 14 in the capital. There continue to be people who become infected after returning from travel to non-European countries. In particular, two are Italian United Nations officials who have returned from Somalia. There is also a twenty five year old arrived from bangladesh and a Peruvian girl, in the province of Frosinone, who however respected the rules of home insulation.

But there are also numerous infected by the circulation of the local virus:

in Zagarolo a family of four is positive, it had hosted the two boys (5 and 14 years) who had been in a summer camp and in a restaurant at a school dinner on the Casilina. According to the first findings, no infection occurs both in the restaurant and in the summer center and therefore the infection should have started from Zagarolo’s family.

Explains the Councilor for Health, Alessio D’Amato:

“The increase in infections is mainly due to import cases and a lowering of the level of attention. There are 10 cases related to pre-hospitalization screening activities. I have been saying this for days: there is a drop in tension and this inevitably produces an increase in cases and we also record a decrease in the age of the infections. There is a need for those arriving from areas with a high incidence of virus circulation who are placed in isolation to prevent extra Schengen rules from being circumvented with intermediate stopovers. ”

More in detail says the regional bulletin:

«In the ASL Roma 1 of the two cases today one is registered in the pre-hospitalization phase at San Camillo and one at COVID Hospital Columbus. In the ASL Roma 2 there are 6 cases and of these five refer to a single familiar link already known and placed in home isolation, a further case concerns a child of a deceased patient of the IRCCS San Raffale Pisana. In the ASL Roma 3 there are 6 cases today and of these two are employees of the World Food Program returning from Somalia reported by a United Nations doctor. A further positive case of returning from Brescia, where he had been for health reasons. In the ASL Roma 4 there are 4 new cases and one of these in the pre-hospitalization phase at San Camillo in Rome and two cases of two women accessing the Emergency Department of Civitavecchia. There is also a death of a 74-year-old man from Capena.

In the ASL Roma 5 of the six new cases, four refer to a family cluster of Zagarolo, a possible family which is an index of the cases of the two brothers of the summer center and of the school dinner on the Casilina. The family, which hosted the two brothers who were positive, was placed in house isolation. A further case concerns a girl hospitalized at the Policlinico Umberto I. In the ASL Roma 6 of the 5 new positive cases two cases already isolated at home have a link with the family cluster of Anzio-Ardea; a positive case of importation of a boy of Bangladesh nationality returning from Dhaka was positive and was placed in house isolation, the flight was one of those already looked after and on which an international contact tracing had started. Also in the ASL Roma 6, a one-month-old baby in Ciampino tested positive and was transferred to the Bambino Gesù pediatric hospital in Palidoro. Parents have tested negative for the swab and an epidemiological investigation is underway on close contacts. “

(The morning)

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