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Masks in Milan
Milan, 12 July 2020 – The cases of Coronavirus in Milanese are decreasing: 6 of which 5 in the capital city. Yesterday they were 26 and 15 respectively.

New increase in the province of Bergamo with +21 (yesterday +5), but i higher numbers are in the Mantovano with +27 (yesterday +3). In Monza and Brianza +7 (yesterday +3). While, a Brescia and Cremona +6 (yesterday respectively +16 and +2). TO Como, Lecco and Varese +1 (yesterday respectively + 8, +4 and +2). No case in Lodi, Pavia and Sondrio (yesterday respectively +4, +3 and +0).

Coronavirus, the data of Sunday 12 July in Lombardy

Coronavirus, one of the highest mortality rates in the world in Lombardy

In recent weeks, in Lombardy, there has been a rise and fall of infections from Coronavirus. Aside from the mystery of China – Covid’s country of origin in six months declared less infected (85,487) and a quarter of the deaths (4,648) recorded in less than five months in Lombardy -, the mortality rate in our region is also higher than in other western regions among the most affected by the pandemic. This would depend on the percentage of the elderly population, double that of these other European and North American metropolitan areas. One hypothesis confirmed by one study of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, published in the Acta Biomedica magazine, which has standardized mortality rates from Covid19 by age in nine metropolitan areas: Île-de-France, Greater London, the Brussels-Capital region, the Autonomous Comunidad of Madrid, Catalonia, the region of Stockholm, that of Copenhagen and the State of New York, in addition to Lombardy.

Cream, abnormal pneumonia in June

Pneumonia abnormal, cases of hospitalization on the rise, tampons. There’s a raising of the guard level in recent days in the Crema hospital due to the discovery of an uncommon number of pneumonia. “Yes, it is true – says Maurizio Borghetti, a radiologist at the Crema hospital, who discovered pneumonia and reported it to the health department – in about ten days, in June, we reported about fifteen pneumonia and then he left more are added in the last days of the month. Strange fact. But we checked. No swab was positive, pneumonia was all monofocal (coronavirus pneumonia is multifocal, ed) and none showed or evolved in a serious clinical picture. “

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