Coronavirus, carpet screening in Lecce in public and private companies


Lecce – Phase three. Carpet screening in public and private companies for the monitoring and control of Sars-Cov-2 infection in the workplace. The prevention department of the Lecce Local Health Authority, a few days after the outbreaks in Bologna and Mondragone, focuses on prevention and calls employees and employers to gather. With a sigh of relief, the critical phase of the pandemic is put behind us, at least for the moment, and the foundations are laid to build those containment trenches that hopefully can serve to stem future outbreaks. In constant alert for any feared relapses, which would put the health system under pressure again, control of the territory’s epidemiological framework remains tight.

Moreover, there is a provision of the Puglia Region which provides for screening procedures for monitoring and controlling infection in the workplace through coordination between the Prevention and Safety at Work Services, Spesal, and the Prevention Departments of all the Asl Puglia.

“A job that – reads the note sent by the Department of Prevention – aims at the voluntary adhesion of public and private companies and, within them, of the workers themselves”. But some structures will be controlled not on a voluntary basis, such as the RSAs or structures that host fragile subjects. For the rest, a massive participation of companies and workers in the monitoring campaign is hoped that will help to quell any new outbreaks in the bud before the fire of the uncontrolled contagion flares up.

The virus detectives essentially through serological tests plan to promptly put any new outbreaks in the spotlight. As always explained in the note, “the investigation is divided into two phases: the first involves looking for workers for the presence of an antibody immunological response that testifies to the occurrence of contagion with the Sars-CoV-2 virus and the achievement of a possible immune defense from any further infection with the virus. This is accomplished through serological tests with venous sampling and subsequent examination in laboratories accredited with the ASL for the semiquantitative research of IgG antibodies, expression of long-term immunity, and IgM, expression of immediate immune response “.

Employers or companies will be able to enter into an agreement with the laboratories affiliated with the ASL to carry out the serological test, instead in the second phase, if someone should prove positive, it would pass under the surveillance of the health company which will subject it to the swab and other any interventions.

The subjects who test positive therefore – specify by the Local Health Authority – «will be subjected to the free check of the presence of the virus through its RNA researched on nasopharyngeal swab by the Public Hygiene Service of the Prevention Department».

It is in the interest of companies and the whole community to adhere en masse to this screening plan also because to “manage their collaborators in order to guarantee them maximum protection from possible infections, in particular in the context of those work activities that can also engage fragile subjects who require constant and close contact with the public », Spesal’s note always points out. This is, as mentioned, the case of the RSA and housing communities that have been placed under the magnifying glass of the Prevention Office already in the past. A painstaking monitoring work aimed at averting the explosion of new outbreaks which, if not controlled, could result in a new disastrous lock-down.

For information, please contact the Workplace Prevention and Safety Service – North Area in Viale Don Minzoni, 8 (4th floor) – tel. 0832-215193 – Fax 0832-215389
[email protected] and for Serological Test Positivity Communications for SARS-CoV-2 to the Public Hygiene and Health Service, [email protected] – ​​tel. 0832/215318.

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