Coronavirus, Capua: “We will do the second wave”


Only us can cause a second wave of coronaviruses. The virologist Ilaria Capua told SkyTg24.

«The virus does not have wings and we do the pandemic. The virus spreads through the people who carry it. We do the second wave and the virus does not do it alone, so we must be absolutely aware that it is only through our actions that we can leave a minimum space for the virus, because it cannot be eradicated, but a space in which it does no harm ».

“We have already seen it – he explained – why this virus has been circulating in Italy since mid-December so from mid-December to mid-February it circulated under the track without causing too much trouble, this is possible ».

Regarding outbreaks, he explains: “If they are asymptomatic and only infection outbreaks, they are an indication of what is happening. The figure to keep in mind is the number of hospitalizations in intensive carewhich has fallen because we understand how we can fight this virus and how it can slow down its circulation ».

“The number of infections – he continued – is a number that is most likely an underestimate, because not all infected are buffered, but it is a number that should not worry us. I believe that Italians have learned that certain categories are more at risk than others and we must protect them. I would like – concluded the virologist – to see less attention to these numbers which are small granularities compared to what happens in the rest of the world. Let’s look at the phenomenon in its entirety ».

“I think it is clear to everyone – continued Capua – that this infection will not go away and will remain for us with some time. We have learned to manage it, to recognize it and to treat it and we know this enemy that was an unknown enemy until six months ago. Now we know him even better and therefore we are ready to bring out our paraphernalia of knowledge and common sense. We must avoid falling into the same mistakes, I am optimistic because in Italy I have seen that there is an important sensitivity of people to help solve the problem. The big challenge is finding a way to be part of the solution and not part of the problem, this can only happen if we all work together applying the essential measures to slow down the infection, because we do not forget that we have not reset the curve but we have flattened it and this means that the virus circulates much less but continues to circulate ».

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