Coronavirus at the TNT of Bologna, the Region: “Now test for everyone in logistics”


Bologna, 11 July 2020 – There is another hotbed that worries the industry logistics. And there are the numbers of new positives to Covid-19 which, almost overnight, almost double in the entire Emilia Romagna region: from 29 to 53. The virus does not give up and, although strongly weakened, unfortunately proves to be still alive and well. And the new contagion brought to light on the site shows it above all tNT of via Cristoforo Colombo in Bologna where the result of the 214 swabs made between Wednesday and Thursday speaks of well 29 positive, of which 26 asymptomatic.

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This just a few days from the outbreak to the Bartolini (three positive yesterday too), with the contagions exceeding 120. And this is precisely why the Region is thinking of making serological tests are mandatory for workers in a sector considered more at risk than others. The announcement comes from the Councilor for Health Policies, Raffaele Donini: “Let me be clear: we do not want to block such a crucial supply chain as that of logistics, but we cannot tolerate any risk to the health and safety of all the Emilia-Romagna people. For this reason, in a few days we will define a regional ordinance that will make the serological tests mandatory for all workers in the sector “.

It’s up to Tnt. The forwarder’s workplace is currently open, after being sanitized overnight, as confirmed in a TNT note, which immediately ensures that it has always operated “since the onset of the health emergency”, to “protect the safety and health of all workers, and will continue to do so in full compliance with current provisions, including emergency ones “. All the new cases are already in home isolation or, alternatively, in places offered by the Healthcare companies, where you can spend the quarantine period. “The contact tracing activity, between 8 and 9 July in the logistics company, – explains the Ausl – produced a total of 214 swabs. At the same time, a total of 65 domiciliary trust isolations were arranged between the close contacts that were highlighted during the epidemiological investigations “. Health investigations that will continue in the coming days between swabs and serological tests (100 more yesterday).

The controversy. But the new Bolognese outbreak rekindles them union controversy. Starting from Sì Cobas, which ask for the closure of the TNT warehouse, and remember how the logistics sector, according to May data, had an 86% increase due to the boom in e-commerce. “And at TNT itself, – explains Tiziano Loreti – as a result of this, there has been a strong increase in staff. But the spaces have remained the same and there are times when workers are pressing in the canteen or in the changing rooms and are at risk of contagion, working with the masks in the heat of the warehouse “.

Hence a series of proposals to companies, “still unanswered”: the increase in breaks, a “true and not superficial sanitization”, the creation of “commissions with workers’ safety representatives”, and finally “swabs for all”. Also the CGIL, ready to ask for more controls and attention, pointing out the criticalities of a sector “with high intensity with a fragmentation of different companies operating in the same place (contracts and subcontracting)”. Ausl and Labor Inspectorate, “must increase interventions to isolate the infected, for strict compliance with safety protocols”.

New infections. Meanwhile, gods 53 new infections recorded yesterday in the region (28,822 in total), 36 concern the province of Bologna, seven instead those registered in Modena, four in Piacenza, two in Parma and Ferrara, one in Rimini and Reggio Emilia. No deaths, for a total that remains at 4,269.

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