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Ascoli Piceno, 11 July 2020 – It’s getting larger the contact network of three Bengali positive for Coronavirus who are in San Benedetto. Up to about sixty, of which 12 summoned, this morning, by the Hygiene and Public Health Service of Area 5, to carry out the swab. The woman, the partner of the couple who infected her on her return from Bangladesh, is in her fifth month pregnancy and before undergoing the test to ascertain the positivity at Sars-Cov-2, she went to the hospital of San Benedetto on 6 July for some checks.

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She was in the counseling center, where she came in contact with several health workers and where she waited for her turn together with other women who were present in the waiting room, and she was, always during that morning, at the sampling point where there were several people in the queue, both men and women, in addition to the nurses. A network of contacts to which the Sisp arrived after the woman emptied the sack telling of her morning spent at the hospital in the Riviera. But there are contacts and contacts. The 12 summoned this morning to undergo the test they are the women who were in the waiting room of the consultancy when there was also the Bengali.

“These people – explains the director of Sisp, Claudio Angelini – they were contacted and invited to undergo a tampon tomorrow morning (ed. Morning) because the antechamber in the counseling center was long enough, about an hour. For those, about forty, who instead the positive woman has met in the sampling point, the discussion is different. First of all, it is necessary to see at what time they used the service, and therefore many may not have stayed in the place with the positive. It must be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and then the stay on the spot was less. And in any case, both in the consultancy and in the withdrawal point, there is an obligation to wear the mask, to keep away and before entering the body temperature is measured. I would say that, especially those at the sampling point, they are very low risk contacts and we will evaluate whether or not to have them make the swab. ”

As regards, however, the operators (about fifteen are attributable to the positive pregnant woman), for them the buffer it is routine and therefore they would have done it anyway. Meanwhile, the director of Area 5, Cesare Milani, is arranging for the three Bengali positive to Covid-19 (currently the only ones) to be transferred to the RSA of Campofilone so as to ensure that they respect the quarantine. Finally, the health director Diana Sansoni, by virtue of the tightening of the measures to be able to access hospitals which entered into force since last Tuesday, invites citizens to resort to services only in case of real need.

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