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The drive thru pads in the structure that was set up in San Benedetto
San Benedetto, 12 July 2020 – They are negative the health workers who have had the most direct contact with the pregnant woman of Bangladesh Coronavirus positive, which lives in San Benedetto, and that in recent days, before being subjected to the swab, she went to the advice center and to the sampling point of the ‘Madonna del Soccorso’ hospital to carry out some checks.

Yesterday no new positive was added to the list which for now is made up of suns three Bengali (it would seem that they were selling the covers for cell phones in one of the wooden houses in Porto D’Ascoli), but the work for the analysis laboratory of the Area 5 directed by Antonio Fortunato has returned to being, in terms of processed swabs, significant. In fact, on Saturday morning, a hundred were analyzed, among those coming from the emergency rooms of the Piceno hospitals where from Tuesday all users who access it must undergo the test, and those related to the contacts that the positive pregnant woman had during the its parking in the hospital of the Riviera.

From the first results of yesterday’s swabs, however, no positivity to Sars-Cov-2 was found in anyone. But if the health authorities are rather calm because they see the remote possibility that the people that the Bengali has met in the clinic and at the sampling point may have been infected, by virtue of the measures that must be taken in the hospital (use of the mask, social distancing and body temperature measurement), what arouses some concern is the viral load found in the three positives of Bangladesh.

“A positivity – says Fortunato – that we have not seen for a long time, not even in the infected of nursing homes. A critical level, and precisely of import cases. It is important to limit all contacts and make tampons for them, but not it is easy to trace the direct ones of these people. On those who instead the pregnant woman has met in hospital, if everyone has used the mask and kept the safety distance, the risk is limited. The infection occurs with direct contact, but fortunately the health workers who have had the most direct contacts are all negative. Even if the swab made two days after being close to the infected person says little because it is not yet sensitive enough to detect the virus. We will have to wait a week and do it again at all monitored subjects “. “Today (yesterday editor’s note) – Fortunato concludes – we had to process a lot of emergency swabs from the Emergency Department because, since there is a higher alert level, all accesses are no longer subjected only to serology”.

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