Coronavirus and football, a positive at Parma: team in isolation


the first positive in Serie A after the resumption of the championship. Parma reports that the latest round of exams has highlighted a case of positivity at Covid-19 in relation to a member (non-footballer) of the team group. The completely asymptomatic subject was promptly isolated according to federal and ministerial directives. The Emilian company adds that all the other members of the aforementioned team group have tested negative for Covid-19 tests and have started isolation at the sports center but they will be able to continue their activities regularly, constantly monitored according to the current protocol.

As will be remembered, in the months of stop, we discussed at length about how to proceed in case of a new positive: in the end, with the ok of the Scientific Technical Committee, it was decided for the soft quarantine, following the German model, thus avoiding the possibility of having to redefine the entire tournament again, which would have been inevitable, for example, with the rigid quarantine for all teammates and also for the last opponents. Now Parma will remain in the sports center, will continue to train and tomorrow (Sunday 12), the day of the game, will risottoporr all its components with rapid buffer. If there are other positives they will be isolated, the others will play as expected at home with Bologna.

July 11, 2020 (change July 11, 2020 | 5:59 pm)


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