Coronavirus also appears in new season Grey’s Anatomy


Grey’s Anatomy don’t let the corona pandemic pass unnoticed. According to producer Krista, the hospital program has an “opportunity and responsibility” to show what the impact of the virus has been on healthcare providers. “You can’t make a medical drama series for so long, and you can’t incorporate the most important medical story of our lives,” she explains during Quaranstreaming, an event of the Emmys.

Krista was not alone during the conversation, but was joined by Chandra Wilson aka Miranda Bailey and Kevin McKidd better known as Owen Hunt. The trio also revealed that the writers of the show work with real doctors to process their stories about the coronavirus in Grey’s Anatomy. They usually do that already, but this time it felt ‘like therapy’ to the doctors.

“It is the first time that they share these stories with someone,” said Krista. “They trembled, could barely hold back the tears, were pale, and talked about it as if it were war. And one they weren’t trained for.” Owen is trained for a war in the series, so that will become part of the storyline. The recordings for the 17th season have yet to start, but the writers are already busy.

Or the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off Station 19 also something to do with the coronavirus is unknown. In the video below you can see everything about the fire service series.

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