Coronavirus, alarm among young people: infected by under 18 quintupled


Watch out for the consequences – “We need to ask young people for more caution, because for them the consequences are less serious”, continues Vaia, “but if the virus continues to circulate it risks reaching the most fragile people. The mortality rate among young people is very low: up to 30 June only twenty people under the age of 30 have died. In fact, the population group between 80 and 90 years of age, where the lethality reaches over 40%.

Common sense doesn’t work – Discos, outdoor tables, full squares and gatherings. A series of factors that led to lowering the average age of the infected. “We should pay attention to the winter months when we return to the closed rooms,” warns Vaia. Even the government tries to run for cover by launching new measures to avoid the “free all”. A situation, that of the current nightlife, which clashes with what happens in airports, stations and shopping centers, where masks and social distancing remain mandatory and frequent checks. On the other hand, when prevention is entrusted to the individual’s common sense, it seems not to work as it should.

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