Coronavirus, 62 new infections and 4 deaths. In Lombardy 43% of national cases


Milan, 30 June 2020 – Today in Lombardy have been registered 62 new cases of coronavirus, of which 8 following serological tests e 13 ‘weakly positive’, is 4 dead. In total, 16,644 deaths have occurred since the outbreak. The tampons performed were 6,117 (1,036,548 in total), 821 healed / discharged (67,197: 64,785 healed and 2,412 discharged in total). Yesterday, against 7,991 swabs, there were 78 positives and one death. The pressure on hospital settings continues: the number of coronavirus patients in intensive care has fallen by one to 42; while inpatients fell 24 below 300 (297). Intensive care yesterday remained unchanged at 43, while hospitalizations had dropped by 2 units. Today there are 142 new infected people across the country, an increase compared to yesterday when they had been 126: the Lombard figure accounts for 43.6%, a decrease compared to yesterday, when the percentage was equal to 62% of the new positives national. “THE data continues to improve ” stressed the Regional Welfare Councilor Giulio Gallera. Gallera placed the emphasis on the data on deaths, today 4: “numbers that remain extremely limited and this is finally good news that is consolidated”, he said.

The data of Tuesday 30 June

Provincial data

As for the data of the provinces today in Milanese 23 new cases of coronavirus were recorded, including 6 in the city. Yesterday there were 36 cases in the Metropolitan City, including 18 in Milan. In other provinces, it is Mantova where there are more contagions: 15 compared to 3 yesterday. follows Brescia with 6 (yesterday 9) and Bergamo with 5 (13). A Chomo and Sondrio zero contagions, just like yesterday; while an infection occurs in Lecco (2 twenty-four hours ago), Lodi (yesterday 0) e Pavia (yesterday 0).

Exemption for post-Covid visits and exams

The ‘health package’ approved today by the regional government. “All citizens who have had Covid will get all exams and prescription visits free of charge, benefiting from a regional exemption pending the government to introduce it nationally.” This was announced by the Lombard Councilor for Welfare Giulio Gallera, explaining the measures taken. “The exemptions concern in particular the infectious, pneumological, cardiological, neurological, physiatric and hematological visits with the diagnostic tests connected to them,” he explained. “Furthermore, the measures adopted today make the swab performed following positivity even in private serological tests totally reimbursable – adds Gallera – whatever the outcome of the swab itself”.

The study: Covid-19 can attack (only) the heart

A few days after the start of the pandemic, the San Matteo doctors had understood that the virus did not only affect the lungs, but that they could myocarditis also occurs. A 16 year old, in fact, during the most acute rash of the pandemic was treated at the Policlinico San Matteo suffering from a form of myocarditis caused by Covid 19. An important clinical case, published on prestigious scientific journal “The Lancet”. Confirmation comes when the boy comes to the emergency room complaining of severe pain in the chest and left arm. It is the morning of March 1st; the previous day the young man had had a high fever, then regressed after taking Nimesulide, but no other symptoms, no significant medical history and apparently no contact with Covid positive 19 subjects.

Healed after two months of coma

Meanwhile, stories with a happy ending continue to arrive battle against Covid. The latest comes from Saronno, in the Lower Varesotto, where Massimo Allievi has decided to tell her 95 days in hospital to beat Covid. “For twice they gave me up for dead – he says – hor done two months of coma and still have today breathing problems. But I’m here and I thank the doctors, nurses and all the hospital staff. ”

New ordinance: here’s what changes

At least until July 14 in Lombardy who is outdoors will have the obligation to wear a mask. And on the workplace it will have to be measured the temperature to the employees. This is foreseen by the new ordinance signed by the President of the Region Attilio Fontana, who will enter in force since July 1st and allowing from July 10th the opening of discotheques is dance halls. From the same day contact sports will also be allowed. Green light therefore also to football from that date. (CLICK HERE TO READ THE PDF)

Fontana: updating Lombard healthcare

The governor Attilio Fontana has appointed five wise men who will work alongside him in tracing evolution of regional health system. According to the regional president, in fact, in light of what has been seen with the coronavirus “the Maroni reform must be updated “.

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