Coronavirus, 21 new infections in Bergamo Eight more victims in Lombardy –


Coronavirus, 21 new infections in Bergamo Eight more victims in Lombardy

Sunday 12 July an important news: no contagion in Lodi, Pavia and Sondrio. In Bergamo 21 new positives.

There are 234 new ones infected by Covid in the last 24 hours, up from 188 on Saturday. The victims are 9 (including 8 in Lombardy), against 7 on Saturday. The total cases rise to 243.061, the deaths to 34.954.

Of the newly infected 77 are in Lombardy (32.9%) and 71 in Emilia Romagna (30.3%); 28 are registered in Calabria: these are migrants who landed in Reggino. Just 38,259 swabs were made, down from more than 45,000 on Saturday, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

Here are the data from Lombardy on Sunday 12 July

There are 77 new positive cases in Lombardy, of which 15 following serological tests and 16 ‘weakly positive with 9,545 swabs performed. There are 8 deaths, for a total of 16,748 deaths in the region since the start of the pandemic. Intensive care patients increase (+2, 31 in total) while they decrease in other wards (-13, 160).
Of the new cases, 27 are in the province of Mantua, 21 in Bergamo, 6 in Milan, 5 of which in Milan city. No new cases in Lodi, Sondrio and Pavia.

The numbers

The swabs made: 9,545, grand total: 1,142,932
New positive cases: 77 (of which 15 following serological tests and 16 ‘weakly positive’)
The healed / discharged: 70,297 (+277), overall total: 68,199 healed and 2,098 discharged in intensive care: 31 (+2)
Non-ICU patients: 160 (-13)
The deaths: 8, grand total: 16,748

The new cases by province

Milan 6 including 5 in Milan city
Bergamo 21

Brescia 6
Like 1
Cremona 6
Lecco 1
Lodi 0
Mantua 27
Monza and Brianza 7
Pavia 0
Sondrio 0
Varese 1.


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