Corona: The frightening prediction of a SARS epidemic researcher


Scary forecast: Klaus Store, who studied the SARS epidemic in 2003, warned today (Sunday) in an interview with Bloomberg that over the coming winter a more severe wave of Corona virus will arrive, and that most of the world will have to deal with it without a vaccine.

“There will be another wave and it will be very serious,” Store stated in his opening remarks, adding: “More than 90% of the population will be susceptible to the virus. If we do not take a serious closure or similar measures, we are likely to expect a serious outbreak. “In a number of cases, it will be a problem to eradicate this because people find it difficult to comply with restrictions on their freedom of movement.”

Asked when he estimated the vaccine for the epidemic would be developed, he said: “Germany will have a significant amount of vaccines by early 2021, and vaccinations for the aging population will take between four and six months. For countries that will be vaccinated and for those that will not. ”

Restaurants closed in the days of the Corona. “Winter will come before the vaccine” (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)
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In this regard, Store estimated that “by the end of 2020 or early 2021 there will be about 500 million vaccines available, but it is not clear which vaccines will be given to countries with large populations where the health care system is weak.”

He further noted that “I speculate that by mid-2021 a significant portion of the population will develop antibodies to corona, and after the third wave 80% of the world’s population will develop antibodies, to the extent that there is no closure.”

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