Corona news: thirteen corona patients in hospitals in Brabant, five of whom are in intensive care


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In this live blog we will keep you informed on Monday about all events surrounding the corona crisis in Brabant.

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The main topics:

  • Thirteen corona patients are currently admitted to hospitals in Brabant.
  • The corona crisis is causing an influx of holiday homes for sale in the Netherlands.
  • The increase in the number of corona infections in Belgium is ‘worrying’.
  • Read all the news about the coronavirus on our theme site.

Thirteen corona patients are currently admitted to hospitals in Brabant.
That’s two less than a week ago. Of the thirteen patients, five are in intensive care, two more than a week ago, a spokesman for the Regional Consultation Acute Care (ROAZ) said on Monday morning.

According to her, there are 44 people in Brabant hospitals who are suspected of having the corona virus among its members. That’s seventeen more than a week ago. Four of these 44 patients are in intensive care, all others in a normal nursing ward.

According to the ROAZ, last week’s disturbing reports of an increase in the number of infections have not yet been reflected in the number of admissions to hospitals in Brabant. “There is no trend yet,” she explains.

The increase in the number of corona infections in Belgium is ‘worrying’. “It will take time to get the situation back in order,” a spokesman said at a National Crisis Center news conference Monday.
The National Security Council has been meeting since Monday morning to consider more stringent measures.

The number of infections increased in a week by 71 percent to an average of 229 per day. The province of Antwerp in particular is experiencing a sharp increase, but the increase is also ‘significant’ in the rest of the country. In the city of Antwerp it has been mandatory since Monday to have a face mask in your pocket, so that it can be put on in busy places.

The corona virus was diagnosed at a mink company in Oploo. The Ministry of Agriculture announced this on Monday morning. A total of 26 mink farms in the Netherlands have now been declared infected. The company in Oploo, municipality of Sint-Anthonis, will be cleared on Monday morning.

The corona crisis is causing an influx of holiday homes for sale in the Netherlands, which are selling for higher prices. Detached, larger holiday homes are particularly popular, including in places where they have been for sale for years. That writes the FD.

Dutch people with a foreign love can bring their friend back to the Netherlands. As of Monday, the entry ban will be relaxed for foreigners who have a relationship with a Dutch person, but who were no longer allowed to enter the country due to corona measures.

On Monday morning, an interim injunction must be brought before the court in The Hague by two slaughterhouses that have not received permission from the NVWA to slaughter ritual in the run-up to the sacrificial feast. Their plan of action to comply with the corona rules has been rejected by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. Slaughterhouses must take additional measures during the sacrificial feast to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

One third of secondary schools gave all exam candidates a diploma this year, at least five times more than usual. Extra study time due to the corona crisis and more resits led to that high score after the cancellation of the central exam. This is evident from a sample of the AD among about a quarter of all secondary schools.

An ampoule of antibodies from the blood of ex-corona patients can be given intravenously as a preventive measure or just after infection with the virus to remain passively immune. Only many more donors are needed, emphasizes professor of infectious diseases and microbiology Hans Zaaijer in De Telegraaf.

The seal center in the Groningen village of Pieterburen is temporarily closing its doors to visitors because a volunteer from Switzerland has been infected with the corona virus. As a precaution, all sixteen volunteers will be quarantined, the Seal Center says. “Further measures will be taken in close consultation with the GGD.”

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