Corona news: nearly 1000 new cases in one week


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In this live blog we will keep you informed on Tuesday about all events surrounding the corona crisis in Brabant. This includes the latest RIVM figures, which show that the virus is on the rise again.

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The main topics:

  • RIVM reports 987 new infections in one week, compared to 534 last week.
  • GGD West Brabant and the Regional Consultation Acute Care Chain (ROAZ) are seeing that people are less and less compliant with the corona rules.
  • According to the ROAZ, there are still fifteen corona patients in Brabant hospitals on Monday.
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The increase in the number of infections requires alertness. That says the Ministry of Health to the ANP. Special attention should also be paid to keeping distance and avoiding crowds.

The ministry is not surprised that there are more new infections. “It was expected that there would be an increase after easing measures.”

The ministry says it is in close contact with RIVM and “if necessary, appropriate regional measures can be taken”.

The province is delighted to see how people from Brabant do not take the plunge, but set up heart-warming actions to help each other through the corona crisis. #DasLiefBrabant

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RIVM is concerned about the increase in the number of infections, the ANP reports.

The number of infections can herald the number of hospital admissions and subsequently the number of deaths. A patient can become so ill about a week after the first complaints that hospitalization is necessary.

On Tuesday, RIVM reports a significant increase in the number of corona cases, particularly in municipalities in the west of Brabant that are close to the Belgian border. The strongest increase in absolute numbers occurred in Breda, where 42 new patients were added in the past two weeks. Here you will find the most current figures per municipality.

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“We see that the number of infections with the new coronavirus is increasing again,” reports the RIVM. “To prevent the virus from spreading further, it is important that people adhere to the measures. Keep away, wash hands, sneeze and cough in the elbow and use paper tissues. This also applies to staying at home, working from home and testing at the first complaints. ”

“The reproduction number R shows in an epidemic how fast the virus is spreading. The reproduction number this week is 1.29. It is the first time since March 15 that the bandwidth is above 1.0. That is also an indication that after a period of few infections, the spread of the new coronavirus increases again in the Netherlands. The reproduction number R indicates how many other people on average infect someone with the new coronavirus. With the current reproduction number of 1.29, 100 people together again infect 129 other people. “

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Last week, 987 new individuals were reported to have tested positive for COVID-19. That is almost twice as much as last week, RIVM reports. 19 patients have been (have been) hospitalized for COVID-19. That is an increase of three patients compared to the previous week. Seven persons were reported dead, 1 less than in the previous week.

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Figures from Google show that the number of visits to train, bus and metro stations in Brabant is 43% less than in January, so before the lockdown.

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, caregivers will have less work this year for the first time in decades. After a lot of regular care was lost in March and April, care providers can only catch up slowly due to strict compliance with the 1.5-meter rules. Economists from ING expect that the amount of care will therefore be between 5 percent and 10 percent lower than last year.

Unrest in West Brabant now that the number of corona infections there is increasing again. People are less and less complying with the rules and seem to go back to the ‘old normal’, warns GGD West-Brabant. And that is not without danger, says neuropsychologist Erik Matser. “People have to understand that the pandemic that we are dealing with now is a sleeping tiger and that you have to walk on tiptoe there. And if you wake it up, we will end up in a crisis that is even harder than the first.”

People flying to China must show the results of a test that they are not infected with the corona virus before boarding the plane. The Chinese aviation authorities said this on Tuesday. The test should be no more than five days old. The institution taking the test should be deemed suitable for this by the Chinese embassy in the country.

More and more airlines are flying back to China and expanding the number of flights with permission from Beijing, including Air France-KLM.

The Dutch seem to adapt to the limitations of the corona crisis. According to researchers, some of these adjustments will be permanent, the NOS reports. The Knowledge Institute for Mobility Policy (KiM) interviewed a representative group of Dutch people at the end of March and did it again a few weeks ago. This shows, among other things, that people are now more positive about working from home than at the beginning of the crisis.

GGD West Brabant and the Regional Consultation Acute Care Chain (ROAZ) are seeing that people are less and less compliant with the corona rules. This has led to ‘five or six’ virus clusters discovered in the west of our province. “This worries us. The measures have been relaxed, but the rules of conduct must be observed, ”warns director Annemieke van der Zijden of GGD West Brabant in conversation with Omroep Brabant.

For the third time, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) comes with the weekly corona figures. Around 2 p.m. the institute will publish new figures on the number of deaths, hospital admissions and new infections.

That information sometimes arrives with a delay, so old cases may be among the new reports. For a long time, the institute released that information every day, but since the beginning of July, those figures have been released every Tuesday.

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