Corona news: mouth masks annoyance for visually impaired teenagers


In this live blog we will keep you informed of all events surrounding the corona crisis in Brabant on Sunday.

The main topics:

Jeroen Klijs, lecturer at Breda University, conducted research into the effects of corona on tourism in Brabant. His conclusion is obvious: the sector has suffered from the pandemic. “It was a dramatic spring for many entrepreneurs.”

500 corona patients, hoarding behavior and civil unrest with skirmishes here and there. According to the National Operational Coordination Center (LOCC), the Netherlands would have to deal with this four weeks after the first corona infection. This is stated in a ‘realistic’ corona scenario that was delivered by Omroep Brabant on 28 February. Experts are positive about its early existence, but are critical in terms of content. According to them, too little attention was paid to care.

Just over half of the Dutch (55 percent) think that face masks should be mandatory in all public indoor areas. This is reported by researcher Maurice de Hond based on his weekly opinion poll. Translated to the rank and file of political parties, it is striking that voters from CDA and PvdA (65 percent) are particularly in favor of such a mask. This is 40 percent of the people who vote for the Forum for Democracy and the PVV

These are difficult times for young people. Always have to keep your distance, a holiday that is canceled and parties that are canceled. But for blind and partially sighted teenagers, the corona measures are even more difficult. Because how should you keep your distance when you hardly see anything?

Concerns about the virus are also increasing across the border with our southern neighbors. The average number of people infected with the coronavirus in Belgium is rising again. In the week of July 16-22, the number of infected cases rose to an average of 255.3 per day, 71 percent more compared to the previous week. This is evident from the corona dashboard of the Belgian health institute Sciensano.

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