Corona news: ‘Getting tested should become easier’


In this live blog we will keep you informed about all events surrounding the corona crisis in Brabant on Wednesday.

The main topics:

The occupancy rate of trains, buses, trams and metros is still only 55 to 60 percent of the level before the corona crisis. This is evident from figures that BNR has requested from the industry association of public transport companies, OV-NL. The sector expects to survive this calendar year, but is concerned about 2021 and later.

According to Pedro Peters, chairman of OV-NL, the public transport companies will survive this year, because a payment arrangement has been agreed with the cabinet. Under this scheme, 1.5 billion euros is available to compensate public transport companies for the absence of travelers. “But the big problem will be: 2021 and beyond. How are we going to arrange that together?”

In total, we spent 12.8 percent less than in May 2019. Because cafes, restaurants, theaters and gyms had to remain closed as a measure against the corona virus, our expenses decreased by 22.4 percent.

Dutch consumer confidence in the economy remained low in July. Consumers have become more negative about the financial and economic situation in the past twelve months. Their opinion about the coming months improved slightly.

In a survey by Statistics Netherlands (CBS), consumer confidence came to minus 26, compared to minus 27 in June. Due to the corona crisis, confidence is still far below the average of the past twenty years.

It should be easier to get tested. Experts and members of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) in Trouw argue for this. About one in eight people with complaints say they get tested for the corona virus. According to them, there are too few.

Tests are now often taken in test streets, for which people have to drive or even take the public transport. “It has to be done faster and better,” says Marc Bonten, MD, microbiologist and professor of molecular epidemiology of infectious diseases at UMC Utrecht.

“I think, taken by the bank, that the GGDs are doing very well. I never expected that they could build this test infrastructure in a short time. But we now see that things have to be improved.” He is supported by other experts.

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